Beautiful Day

Such a beautiful day today, in many ways. "The first way" was the warm sunny weather. After such a cold winter it was good to feel the heat in my bones.
  This morning while upstairs I looked out from my balcony to see what needed doing in the yard.  I noticed the banana trees were damaged from the cold we had, so tomorrow they will come down. I have a large butcher knife from my catering days and it's perfect for chopping the bananas.  Each large tree has one or two babies below each stalk and they will replace their momma.
My mint came back,  I keep it in a pot on the balcony where it can get lots of sun.   It's so refreshing to chop some in salads.

I have several flower beds that needed weeds pulled.  The Humming Bird feeder needed cleaning and filled.  I keep the feeder right off my deck so I can watch the birds from my kitchen window and the top balcony.  They are so small and come and go so quickly sometimes I miss seeing them. 

I noticed the Geraniums were blooming... 

Did you ever notice the Europeans have window boxes in all windows.. they grow Geraniums to keep the bugs at bay.  I learned this trick while living over seas.  I keep them on my balcony all summer and the bugs hate them.  Natural repellent!

"Such a beautiful day, in many ways"
Another of the 'ways' was when the "Floor Guy" arrived bright and early to install my new floor! 

This was indeed a "Beautiful Day"

And How was your day?  I do hope it was as beautiful and Sunny as mine!

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Pondside said...

It's snowing out here, at a time when we should be picking daffodils - global warming is non-existent here, but Climate Change is the byword!
Lovely geraniums you have!

Granny said...

The geraniums are so pretty. I never knew about them being a natural bug repellant. I'm going to get some geraniums and sit them on our front porch. Your floor is so pretty. Love the color you chose. I know you're happy to have that finished.

Infatuated with Homes and Gardens said...

I popped over from Outdoor Wednesday, I love your pics Geraniums are my favourite, your floor is looking good can't wait to see the finished product.
I am your newest follower:)

Sandy@Life Began In A Garden said...

Doesn't it feel good to be out in the garden again!? Yesterday it was 75, but today only 55, oh well, it is only march 1st!

Light and Voices said...

Getting that floor finished was a load off your back, I betcha. Mark that project off the list of things to do. Isn't it amazing how red geraniums can be. Such a lovely plant.
Joyce M

Donnie said...

Love your floor. The idea of the mint in the pot is a good one. I love mint but when I had planted some it went wild. I finally got it up before it strangled my other plants. Great photos.

Tracy F. said...

A beautiful day indeed! Thank you for reminding me to put my hummingbird feeder outside again.

Kate said...

I had no idea that geraniums kept the bugs at bay! I have them in the front courtyard...I am going to have to move some to the patio!

HollyC said...

I love the pop of color from the geraniums!! So pretty! The floor looks great and I know it's a good feeling to have something like that finished! Thanks for sharing.