Windows live writer and my desk

desk 028

It’s time to “Get with the times” and figure out  to use  ‘Windows Live Writer”  I’ve always used my lap top to compose  my blog post.   The lap top comes with me around the house  and I’ve seen so many nice fonts and formats in the blogs I visit each day … I want to learn.  So this means sitting at my “New Desk”  downstairs, the only pc with Windows 7.  

"The new desk is officially open for business".  
I put on the final paint at 6am this morning and have  my fingers crossed for the paint to be completely dry.. As you can see I put everything on and in the desk.  I’m in a rush to get my room back to normal.  It also was such a job (being technically dumb) putting all the wires back into the pc.  But, I did it and it all works. I have just one problem… where do I put all those  wires? 

desk 022

This is how this project started.  I had such a time getting it all to stand straight!  Mr. N.  did help me with this though… the two of us did it together,,, I glued and nailed and he held… we had to laugh though because two of the cuts were not the correct size,, '”hey Joe, at the Home Depot”   if your reading this, we still love you!

desk 3 001

(look what they did to my floor. Next week we get a new one)

 desk 013 

The keyboard roller drawer came from an old desk, I had such a time
trying to get it to fit but "It's on" and will have to play with it another time.
It's hard to roll in and out.  I may have to go buy a new roller thingie and
start again with this.. for now it works, sorta!

desk 028

I have a few issues, the pc tower is much too long,  wrong measurement by me. I may remove the back to push the tower further in?
Now, on to learn” Windows Live Writer”.  This is my first post using it.. let me see what I do next.. I’m going to post this and if it is funny looking or something is wrong.. Please forgive me and let me continue to learn!

I just did a preview and do not see any difference in the font?  Oh well, next time I may do it?   So far I don't see any difference in the post?  So it is what it is.

I'm really starting to enjoy building furniture.. if only I had a garage or a work room.. imagine having a room with peg walls to hold all your tools,, and every type of tool.. a router and a table jig saw... (ok,, Dream away Sandy!)  I could take orders.



Pondside said...

You're waaaaaay ahead of me to be playing around with new stuff - good for you!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Go to the blue letter A at the top, click on it and that will bring up a box with your fonts, size etc. You do have to do this again when you start a paragraph underneath a picture that you show on your blog...gets on your nerves after a while. I do like LW alot better than blogger the pictures are unlimited to load too! Hope I didn't confuse you to much.


Megan said...

great desk area. looks like you will be very productive!


Anonymous said...

Hey sis dear, great job!! YOU are just too enerjectic for me... he he LOVE you

Granny said...

You did a great job on the desk. I think you'll like windows live writer. I've been using it for several months and find it much easier to work with. I like being able to crop pictures and put in the watermark.

Sunny Day said...

I've been using Windows Live Writer almost from my first blog post. I really like it. If you have any questions, I will be glad to help as much as I can. I certainly am no expert.

I like your work area. Even with the incorrect cuts, it seems to all have worked out.