Silly I know, but I cried...

The guys spent almost 4 hours trying to get my new chandelier up in the stairwell.   They worked on it together and the one on the top of the ladder could not get it up.   He dropped the original globe and it shattered everywhere... messed up my new paint job and chipped the molding  I so gingerly placed on each stair step.   All I could do was just go outside to wait it out.  They needed a new ladder and then gave up!  I was good though, said nothing  and  came back in to clean up the mess they made. 

I did not cry then!

 I got a call from the Doctor today.   My mammogram results came back.
They found a "SPOT".  What ever that is?
Monday I will go into the hospital for a simple test to take a look at what they found?  I know many of you have had the same results from your mamo only to find it was nothing more than a little cyst or something of no consequence.  Lord knows I don't need anything else wrong with me!

"That did not make me cry!

This made me cry!

Thinking I could install my new floor.   All of you who know me,,  know I'll try anything!  But no matter how much I worked on it today,  I could not get this puzzle together!   The job was not hard at all.  My jig saw cut the wood  so easy.  I used paper to trace a pattern for the areas along the wall and that was easy, but the grooves,  how do you get them together?   Got one ok,  then the next would move.. this went on all day.  Then Mr. N.  called a few handymen and they quoted prices to install the floor.  "They wanted double and tripel what I paid for the floor"   One nice handyman,  that came by,  gave us a price then was kind enough to give me some tips and he made it look so easy. "Well, it was not"    My new floor boards are now scattered all over the house. The house is a mess, furniture  everywhere and I gave up!  Took a shower, then sat on my bed to write this post.   
All the boxes now sit waiting for some kind person  to come install my floor.  
Mr. N.  bless his heart,  went out and bought me  Knee Pads".  He is as confused as I with this floor!    I'm so upset with myself  because  I'm not one to "Give in to defeat"!   "I really want to install this floor"   I love doing such jobs.  But as I said before,  "This is one heavy duty puzzle"

Tomorrow is another day and I'll give it one more try. 
Then I'll call one of the nice handymen to come do it.. but I'll not be happy about it at all because  "I hate to part with my money!"

I'm truly excited to have my new floor.  It's replacing such a dirty old carpet that once graced my home. Until then I'll  gather my thoughts tonight,  in peaceful sleep.  Get up tomorrow and give it one more try.  If I'm not able to do it.. then it's only a phone call away!  
I can't wait to show you all the finished floor.

to be continued.......


Michelle said...

oh sweetie! Big hugs! Rule #1 of DIY is if you are frustrated to take a breather because it only gets worse if you don't. Here's to good sleep and a bright tomorrow!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

So sorry you are having a rough time of it. I would suggest trying to find a how to video on youtube. I'm sure there are some out there. You might need to see a few for it all to click. From what I remember when we installed it many years ago, we would click it down (the long side) then tap the end with a tapping block to connect it to the previous one. Good luck!

Victoria said...

Oh wow, that was a whole lot of not so fun events! I hope you get the floor in successfully, I wouldn't even go near anything like that so kudo's to you for trying!!!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I hope everything works out for you.

I have been wanting to do my floors for quite some time now. I didn't realize wood was so challenging? I guess I better plan on hiring a subcontractor to help- gah!

Granny said...

Bless your heart, I would have probably been cussin instead of crying. Grampy and I have put down floors in so many places it's almost second nature for us. The floor we got is like a tile but in strips that look like wood. We priced wood and there was no way we could afford it. We couldn't even afford the laminate that resembles wood. Your floor will look amazing when it's finished.

I'll be praying that the spot is nothing. Hope you had a good night's sleep and are now ready for a new day.

Janice said...

You are not defeated, it seems like you were wise enough to know when to step back for a minute, and change your course of action. You are a brave lady. The floor will be lovely.

Leslie said...

That's one emotional post.. I wouldn't have handled any part of your day with any kind of cantor that is for sure. As far as the floor.. I think you just need to walk away from it a bit. If you find it still puzzling, call the handyman.. There's no shame in that for sure. You've done an AWESOME job! Years ago I had a hardwood floor installed in my old house, near the front door entry area. The guy that installed it was a floor installer. He got to a certain part of the installation and sat in this one particular corner all day looking like someone was punishing him.. I finally said. "Are you OK?" with that he got up, took his tool belt off and said, "Leslie.. I have to leave and clear my head.. this corner is driving me crazy as the house apparently is crooked!" He needed to rest his eyes from all the confusion of what to do. The following day he came back with a plan and quickly moved out of the corner.. Maybe that's all you need.. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck Sis, I sure hope you manage to get the floor done! What will you do about the chandileer, a shame really!!!