Spring oh Spring....

Here they come!!

Poking their sweet little heads through the earth.....

Our local weather man said today "For all of you wanting to plant your spring flowers, it's ok to do so. No more cold or frost is expected"... 

I gave up on the floor and called for a handyman and he will be here bright and early Sunday Morning... "He is going to install my floor"

So today I went out in the beautiful weather and did a bit of transplanting. I put in a few Zinnias in the yard.  I noticed my bulbs are all about 6' high already, the day lilies are all showing their leaves and many other plants that went dormant for the winter are all sprouting.  In fact I noticed some Pumpkin plants that took from my Halloween Pumpkin that was tossed way out back for the critters to munch on.  I'll have to get some photos of them!

My succulents were in bad shape so they too were transplanted into another pot.

Oxalis Triangularis, purple shamrock are blooming and so beautiful.

Look how bright the sun was today... the temps reached 80' and felt just wonderful.

Even the orchids in my front tree were straining to reach the sun...

The potted orchids are sprouting once again... this is one that was left outdoors and it went dormant, but came back, right on schedule.

I have no idea what this flowering plant is called but it's a tuber and came back to life about two weeks ago... blooming and "oh so happy"
Our trees out back must have thousands of Robins doing the mating dance.. My two bird baths have 6 or 8 at a time washing away the dust.  I also can see the squirrels gathering leaves for their nests.  One has been making so much noise while she builds her nest in the gutter above my bedroom balcony.

"Spring in Florida"
It's a good thing!

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Ellen said...

What a lovely tour around your sprouting garden! I'm not far up the road from you and I'm loving this weather. Puts a spring in my step for sure! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

And my sis will be back in her glory... in the blaring sunny garden. LOVE you dear

Mumzie said...

Great tour of your garden. We have been having very cold weather these days. Thanks for sharing the name of your purple shamrock...I got one two summers ago on a 50% off rack and had no idea about the name. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Happy Fertilizer Friday! Mumzie

Granny said...

We're still at least a month from last frost. I love the tour of your yard. I've never seen orchids growing in trees. That's interesting.

Sylvia said... soon as I saw the orchid on the oak (?) tree I knew you had to live in Fl....we've been having the same temps as you have. My beans, tomatoes, dill and fennel have sprouted.

I've never tried zinnias...cant wait to see them bloom.

East coast Fl

Debra@Common Ground said...

Oh, I'm ready, but it will be a little while up here in Missouri. I winter all my geraniums so I'm looking forward to getting them out of the basement. Thanks so much for linking up to VIF!