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This post is a “Test”
I'm learning how to use "Live Writer" to post on my blog.  If you see mistakes, well, it's because I just don't know the site yet.. 
Testing, Testing!


I took these photos from some old frames I found in the thrift store and blew them up, scanned them on photo paper.  Took some larger old frames that I’ve had saved for just such a project, spray painted them black and made such a cute arrangement on my wall. 
If only I was crafty enough to paint such flowers. I’d use oil paints with their rich textured feeling.
Alas, I’m just not an artist when it comes to drawing or painting… although I do try.  I’m one to use hammers and tools to do my creating.  The glue gun is also one of my tools… I’ve glued so many different crafty things together.. I always wanted to make myself a holster for that thing.
Back to my prints…. I did a post last year on  how I did this project. I’m sure no one will mind,  but I’ll just use the idea for my Test today.

I really like how the colors look with the black frames.
The photos came out well when I hit 'send' to my blog. I like the watermark feature!

The ‘water marks’ have been mastered.

The font just jumped away from me but I got it back?  Windows Live Writer is pretty nice to use and I just hit ‘Save to Draft’ and it’s transported to my blog draft menu… hmmmm? now let me go there and see what it looks like..
this was fun!    

I'll be linking this Test to
Alphabet Thursday



Granny said...

Love those prints in the black frames.

Glad you're enjoying Windows Live Writer.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

So this makes your post look different, or is it just me?

I looks like your pictures are raised off the background (sorry, I don't know the technical lingo)
Before, your pictures were like mine on my blog-- with a small line framing them out. Is this a feature on Windows Live Writer?

The artwork you featured it pretty.
Thanks for sharing your WLW experience, I've not downloaded it or tried it.

Maybe I will...

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I'm still having some issues with LW. I can't seem to use my post preview mode since I changed my templates. I'm waiting to hear back from their tech guys.

Love the prints. They look great in the black frames.

Darla said...

Very pretty...I have flower photos of my garden flowers framed in all black!

Ames said...

Pretty arrangements!~Ames

paige said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures.

Teresa said...

Looks like your test was successful. I love the prints.

Yvette said...

I really like the way those picture turned out! Thanks for sharing.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Lovely prints!

Looks like a successful test to me..

Jingle said...

your images are so refreshing...
love the take..

Greetings, Happy Firday! Blessings…

Friendship Awards, Enjoy!
Thanks for the support, You Rock!

Judie said...

The black frames are an excellent choice. Thanks for sharing!

ChristiS said...

Those look AWESOME!! I love the colors with the black frames as well!

Jenny said...

What sophisticated pictures as artwork.

Love the shades of blue highlighted by the black frames. Really elegant.

Thanks for a terrific TEST link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter 't'.

It looks like your test was a success to me.

Thanks for linking.


Susan said...

Very interesting, is this a free program? I need a watermark badly to protect my art images, I do not know how to make or use one.

Your photos are gorgeous!

be careful with the holster for the glue gun, as the tip usually drips, while sittingin the on position.