Crown Molding

I have been building so many things this past few months, it may be time to build a 

It would be so nice to have a large space to put all my tables and electrical cords and paint cans.....can you see all my tools hanging on peg hooks on the walls...   not in a plastic storage box, in my coat closet!  And I might even buy myself a table top jig saw!!
(Dream on silly woman)
I need a Garage!!

Taking this old 1960's kitchen into the 21st Century has been a slow travel for me but oh so worth the work!  Not to mention the money saved by not hiring workers or contractors.  I'm being very frugal here.
The above photo  was taken after I put up the Crown Molding.. I have so much more to do but I'm so happy to see the "French Doors" finished.. they always looked so  "Un-Finished".

Why I need a "Garage"? 
Well look how I do my work.. on the dining room table!

I brought the molding home, primed and painted the strips before hanging them.. so much easier..  then just patched and painted the roughed up spots after they were all hung!  My poor table..well, it's not so poor really.  It's a really heavy butcher block table top and has withstood all my abuse over the years.. when I'm finished with a project I simply clean it and polish. You would never know how badly I treat it.

I continued around the kitchen until I could do no more... there is always tomorrow! 
This has been a long project but I'm almost finished.  I do have a guy coming next week to finish the ceiling and install two more recessed lights.   Then I can concentrate on the desk I've been building.  
I feel like "Goldi Locks".  Every desk I've seen in the stores is either "Too Large" or "Too Small" or "Just not right"... so, I'm building it myself!  I have a really nice "Flat Screen Monitor" and there is no need for a large desk top so I made it smaller in size.. but it's going to be longer than a standard desk.

How it turns out?  This remains to be seen!
The reveal to follow in about a week.

I'm also happy to say "I'm finally going floor shopping next week"
See the mess of my tile floor.
We had a sink hole and the engineers came in and chopped the floor to put
very large steel beams (?) into the ground... to keep the house from sinking down into the creek.... it's ok now!  But my floor was totally ruined!

Maybe I should have just sold this house and moved into one that had it all!
No, "I love this house" so the work continues, to make it totally mine!

I'm doing no work in the house tomorrow,, it's Friday and there is a large Church yard sale,,,  The weather man said "It's going to be sunny and 76' tomorrow" and  I'll be out in the beautiful weather early,  with bells on!

Everyone have a great weekend!


Karen said...

If I had a pinch of your ambition, I'd have something special! I don't know how you do it all, but you certainly have proven your skills at remodeling and building things from scratch. You do need a garage, no, make that a workshop all your very own--I could see you with a fully tooled wood shop, you'd be building things of beauty non-stop.

I hope you have a great weekend in that 76 degree weather...we're a balmy 40 right now, but that's warm (and muddy) for Wisconsin.

Granny said...

The crown molding looks great. Can't wait to see your finished desk. You amaze me with all the projects you do.

Good luck at the church sale. Hope you find lots of goodies.

xoxoxo said...

How did I not find your blog before now!! So excited to have a look around. I too am in DIY reno hell(but I have a garage) :P

Brambleberry Cottage said...

I so understand your dilemma of no workspace, Sandy. We have a farm with barns - without heat, of course - that we work out of nine months of the year. But for three, and sometimes four months each year, projects come to a screeching halt. UGHHH!

Thanks for linking to the party. It's good to have you back. ;) Be sure to enter the giveaway, if you haven't done so yet.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage