A beautiful sunny day in Jupiter, Florida

 While the northern states were suffering cold and snow I was enjoying a beautiful sunny day in Jupiter, Florida.    My sister and I took a long weekend to daughter #1's  home in this beautiful beach community and I'll tell you, 
"I'd move here in a heart beat"
 Just around the corner to this beautiful public beach was the Coast Guard Station and the Jupiter light house. 

 We did get out of the car to take the walk up the hill to get close but the whole area was closed this day.  
We were able to get a few photos.
 Then we drove to a residential area called "Jupiter Island" and of course it was gated and they would not let us in no matter how hard we begged.  People like "Tiger and Celine" live here and the homes were huge.  We did manage to get a shot of this fisherman reeling in his catch across the bay.  Look at this house.  Wonder how many rooms were in there?
 Then we took a nature walk around such a serine and calm path. 
 Cypress trees grew out of the water.   
This was a great day and we took full advantage of the weather.

One more thing.  Although I was visiting my daughter that did not mean I didn't  look along the curbs for some good junk!  Look what I found just teetering on a trash pile.

This little step stool of sorts has an elaborate decorative paint job and on the underside is  an original tag saying, "Hand crafted in India".....  It's nice and all but I see it as a laptop or tea table in white, for my bed... once I'm finished with it I'll post a photo.
Ok, my teeny vaca is over so now back to real life!
Tomorrow is garden time for me.  The weeds have taken over!
Until next time ((hugs)) 

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Beautiful photos but that adorable little stool/table stole my heart. My head would be spinning with ideas too. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

ChrisC said...

Love the stool! Yes,we have had perfect weather in Florida,this year.I just hope we don't get surprised with a late freeze.

Lottie said...

Sandy, great vacation photos. We drove through Jupiter years ago and couldn't get close to the lighthouse either. Love the little stool!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I love little get aways... don't get many. Suppose that's why I love them? LOL...
even a day out walking along a path...OR curbshopping!
that little table will make a great bed tray/table. I bet is will be wonderful when you are finished with it.
...I'm working on a bread box and a clock for my daughter that I 'snagged' recently!
Fun stuff!

Pondside said...

This took me back - and I am definitely going to write a blog post about it - how in the late 70's we stayed in a mansion on Jupiter Island, dined at the club and were cared for by a full staff....not ours, may I add!....but our Pennsylvania landlady's. It was a bit of a dream and I'll never forget it! Thanks for taking me back.

Karen said...

Hi Sandy, love your vacation photos. Those big houses, aren't they something? I sure wouldn't want to clean them, lol.

I love the little stool and look forward to seeing what magic you will work on it when you get home!

Meeha Meeha said...

What beautiful pics, Sandy, that red lighthouse is amazing. And of course, the BEAUTIFUL step stool...

Susan said...

Beautiful photos! Makes me want to take a trip to the beach.

Dawn @ Inspired Living said...

I grew vacationing in Jupiter, FL (we're in IL). My very generous uncle has owned several vacation homes there and often let us vacation there.

It is gorgeous. I'm suprised you could not drive through Jupiter Island....we drove through there the last time we were there?!?! We are headed back this year and I'm SOOOO excited.

I've been to that lighthouse several times! My favorite, though, is going in the evening to the beach to watch the sea's amazing!

the cape on the corner said...

gorgeous photos of the beach and palm trees! my sister in law's in laws have a place there...might have to finagle a way to visit!

Stephanie @ The Cozy Old Farmhouse said...

Visiting from FJI and the "Florida" part of your post title caught my eye. Then I had to look around your blog a bit. :) My husband and I are both from Hobe Sound, FL which is just about 10 minutes or so north of Jupiter. After we got married we moved inland near Clewiston where my husband worked as a cowboy on a ranch. Now we live in OH while he goes to school, but our parents still live in Hobe Sound.

You most definitely should have been able to drive along Jupiter Island. If you cross the Jupiter Island bridge you should be able to drive the full length of the island and it would bring you out at the Hobe Sound beach, where you could continue a little further on to the North side of the island.

Anyways, Hubs and I are desperately missing Florida right now in this miserable winter weather and I SO enjoyed seeing your photos of "home," so thank you!