No spending February challenge....

My friend Pat over at Corn In My Coffee Pot has inspired me to have a 
"No spending February"
Yes, 28 days of spending no money!
What did I do yesterday?  Went to Michaels and bought sock yarn.  This is the year to learn to turn heels.  I have great knitting skills but those darn heels have always been my downfall and I need someone to sit with me, give me a visual of how it's done, to figure it out!  It's like I have a mental block! 
That and driving a stick shift are my only two vices!
This challenge of no spending February sounds easy but then think of all the dollars spent each day on things I really do not need.  
It's only 28 days right!
I realized today was a luncheon date with a few friends.. can I just have soup? That can't be much money?

My sister and I talked of going to "Epcot's Spring Garden Show" and this is only an hours drive
from me but the cost of the tickets is out of this world.  With tax it's $97.00 per person. Thankfully it starts on March 6th.  I totally recommend it to anyone who loves gardening.  They say HGTV will be there this year with some of their stars. Wonder if I can bring a little plastic bag for cuttings?  No, I promise I'll be good!

Let the challenge begin.
"Happy February Everyone"


Gail said...

Take that'll need it.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Good luck with no spending! I couldn't do it!!
love your socks- beautiful spring color!!

Pondside said...

We'll be going to the Northwest Garden Show in Seattle near the end of the month - can't wait!

EG CameraGirl said...

Spending no money sounds very difficult to me. I'm not a big spender but there truly are some things it's hard to live without like gas for your car. There must be a few items that aren't included, right?