March 18th,,, show me your shoe party!

Show me your shoes Party... come on, join in!!

Here are some options of what you can do for the party:

  • Create a post about your favorite shoes and model some of them for us.  Show us your shoes in your closet!  (And yes, flip-flops count as shoes.  I LOVE my flip flops and my Payless wedges.  Your shoes do not need to be designer to participate; they just need to be loved.)
  • Go shoe shopping.  Try on those dream shoes (Jimmy Choos?) and take pics of yourself doing so.  Yes, the salespeople will give you suspicious second glances, but who cares?  
  • Do a post of your inspiration shoe file.  What? You don't have an inspiration shoe file?  Make one up and post about it.
To get us in the shoe mood let's drool over some cuties, shall we?


Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Thanks for the shout out and I'm so excited to see everyone's fee tomorrow :). I'm working on my post right NOW! said...

Cute blog! I wanted to stop by and say thanks for your comment! Hopefully we'll become great cyber-friends! Happy st. Patricks Day!
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