Look what was waiting for me at the front door.....

I joined the "Spring Swap" hosted by "The Family of Shorts" a few weeks ago and my swap partner 
"Andria"  sent me a package!

Inside was a sweet  note, wishing me "Happy Spring, and the goodies inside were all wrapped in spring colors.

Andrea wants me to be well prepared, for Spring and Summer... she enclosed so many items that I will use for weeks to come... First of all is this great 'Tote Bag'... the tag said, "it's made from 100% recycled bottles" and I'm one who does not use plastic when I shop.. I'll sure use this bag!

There was so much stuff.. "Nice Stuff" included in the box,,,,Antibacterial hand sanitizer (that I use in the car)...Sweet Lemon Body Mist, Coconut body lotion, Cocoa Butter hand lotion, Nail polish and a Emery board,, pink Breast Cancer Wrist Band,,, and Cracker Jacks, (how did you know I love cracker jacks?) 
I'm a gum person also,, Big Red gum! A Candle, cant' forget the candle cause I love candles!
Let me see, oh, Lip Balm, Vanilla, emmm, soft lips!

Womans Day magazine,, a Journal and Note Cards.... What did I forget? hmmmmm??

 Lets not forget the little "Wood Butterfly" that will go on my kitchen window sill.

I want tho thank "Andrea" for all the goodies,,, it put a big smile on my face today!

And let me also thank "Shortmama" from the "Family of Shorts" for hosting this wonderful 
"Spring Swap"

Count me in for next year!



Andrea (ace1028) said...

I am SO SO SOSSSSOOOOOO SOrry that this was as late as it was. I have a million excuses and none of them are valid enough. I apologize til forevermore! And now that I have my working laptop I will be posting my goodies from you sometime soon! I'm awful these days, but I am so glad to have made you smile! :) Happy Spring!

shortmama said...

Wow you really scored big!!

MiMi said...

You got some great stuff! :)

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

I love the Frog & Toad card!! My daughter & I read Frog & Toad all winter long~love those funny guys!