"We must save the Gulf of Mexico"

I'm normally not one to "Join A Cause" but living only 2 miles from the Beach of Clearwater and knowing
how beautiful and how much we need the "Gulf"... I have to ask all;   'Take Notice'... this "Spill".. or rather "Gushing Pipeline" is going to affect we humans and kill all wildlife  for years to come! No matter where you live!

I've also come to the conclusion that we should "Not" Boycott BP
We need to let them make money,,, so we can "Bleed Them Dry"
They need to pay for the damage they have done!

This sign was spotted in a "Ohio BP Station"
"The arrogance of this company"....So many "Fisherman and Business People" are begging for help.
I'll not rant here on my "Happy Blog"... Just wanted to "Speak Out"......

"BP has been lying to the public".  All they are concerned with is 
"Saving their Pipeline for Future Revenue"
"Imagine the Billions of dollars they will loose on this disaster" 
"Hog Wash"

I called BP several weeks ago and spoke to three Engineers telling them "My thoughts"
"Bury the entire area with tons of Cement" Entomb it!! All the scientists and brilliant
minds, can not figure out how to stop this so "Bury it"
BP refuses to stop it, "Future Revenue" to recoop their losses!

The "Gulf of Mexico" will be forever known as a "Dead Zone"
"This is indeed a Shame" 


Roseanna said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly! This is an ecological and economic disaster, the effects will be felt for decades, if not centuries. We will all suffer in some significant way. I will be linking! Thank you!

Anita said...

I do agree this is a huge disaster that will be dealt with for years and years. At first I thought about the boycott but I am confused about it. All these stations are independently owned and I fear that it will just affect all the individual owners. So I am left confused.

Heidi said...

All the "brillliant minds" that work for BP must not be thinking very hard about this. Or else they aren't thinking in new ways about finding a solution. We are all angry it, I can relate to how you must be feeling. Our planet is indeed in jeopardy.
Heidi - Heart and Home

Anonymous said...

BP is now saying that they are saving thousands of gallons of this oil per day since they "capped" it, which basically means they are continuing to make money from this oil spill, unless I'm misunderstanding this. I too will not purchase gas from BP. And all these calls for "volunteers" to help with the poor animals and oil-covered coast, why are volunteers even necessary? Why isn't BP paying people to clean the poor animals and beaches? The effect of this disaster will be extremely long-term. Good for you for contacting them. By the way -- I did a post just like this one about a week ago. It's a difficult topic.

Lourie said...

This is truly a mess. Anything I could say would be preaching to the choir. You said it spot on.