Kitchen towels and my heart

There are times when I feel like the "Tin Man"
 Or was that "Scarecrow"? 
You know, when he said 
"I do Believe, I do Believe".  

Although I do have a heart, I sometimes want one that is healthy... then I remember there are others in this life that have it worse than me then I'm grateful for what I have.
This past three days I've been recuperating from a bit of surgery. It was time for me go get a newer, more hi-tec pacemaker/defibrillator implanted in my heart.  Today my left upper chest is so swollen, red and  hot and ice is not helping at all. Hard to use my arm but am getting antsy to get into my blog.
The photos were saved to my hard drive but the first two are upside down? Can't seem to get them to turn around so please, bear with me..

 Before going into the hospital I was working on a set of dishtowels.. nothing fancy, just the letter "P" for my daughters married surname.  She wanted it simple and brown in color.....

 This monogram was done freehand with a pencil... I'm not too happy with the way it all turned out, but then, it all can't turn out perfect when we do our crafts.. especially this past few weeks... I always get spooked when it's time to go get work done on my heart.  You see, I have Heart Failure and have been dealing with this for the past 6 years... I have my ups and downs and have outlived the first diagnosis of 1 year... fooled them all, I did!
This is due to finding my hero, Dr Walsh at the Heart and Vascular Institute of Florida... this man saved my life when the first two doctors I saw over in Ft. Lauderdale, sent me home to die. I literally moved to Clearwater to be near Dr. Walsh. Best decision I ever made.

I'll tell you... I'm blessed to have been born a few years later than my brother.. he died from Heart Failure at the age of 42, some years ago... he did not have the pleasure of a new pacemaker with a third lead that go's into the left chamber of the heart to give the therapy jolt needed to make this part of the heart work.  The left chamber of my heart died, they say from a virus?  I have no idea when the virus hit me or even remembering being sick?  I just remember waking up one night not being able to suck air into my lungs.
We did talk about a heart transplant but there are not enough hearts to go around and they said "I was not sick enough" to be on the list any longer... Really, you have to be on deaths door to be on that list, and then it might be too late for some of those waiting!
I would like to ask everyone to please "Be a Donor"! Give the gift of life!

Ok,  The dishtowels are finished...If you notice I added a bit of blue to the little flowers.. I thought they needed something, to offset the dullness of the brown DMC floss.

I'm a bit drugged up at the moment and maybe should not be composing but I love being part of the world of blogging.. I need to feel close to you all tonight.. feeling a bit blue, but oh so happy to be healthy and alive..... 
It's Thursday, raining out thanks to "Nicole".. she is on the east side of the state and giving us a bit of rain on the Gulf Coast.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.. I'll just hang out in the house a few more days.. doc told me to not drive for two weeks.. lets see if my defib go's off ? you don't want to be around me if that's powerful!

I'm giving thanks tonight and am Tickled Pink  for being alive!

"I do Believe, I do Believe"


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The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow, what a story, so glad your home and doing well. YIKKES I cannot imagine what it would feel like to have a defibrillator go off inside my body! Your towels are lovely, It is always good to get back to the real world. Wishing you the best!


Average Girl said...

Sandy... big Big BIG cyber *hugs*.... You are such a trooper... And a talented one too boot! Sending all my good vibes and positive "get better quick" vibes I have your way!!!!!!!

Not too mention a great BIG SMOOCH! Okay, perhaps you didn't want that, but what the heck!


Darla said...

I've been thinking about you. I know I am a recent follower, but there is just something special about some bloggers....hang in there and keep a positive attitude. Love, love the towels. When my mom was alive she had two open heart surgeries 20 years apart for a leaky valve.....

magsmcc said...

This is an amazing post. Thank you for such big thoughts for b day. And the sewing if fabulous too!

Granny said...

As you know, you've been in my prayers for weeks now. I signed up to be an organ donor after my stepson was murdered. He lived 30 hours in the hospital after being shot and I was able to pray with his mother and convince what a blessing it would be to her to know that many people were helped through the donation of Troy's organs.

The towels are beautiful. I like the brown with a touch of bluee. Be sure and call the doctor's office if the redness continues. That doesn't sound good.

Faith said...

My dear girlfriend...these dishtowesl are so pretty..I especially love the touch of blue it just sets it off..brown and blue make a lovely combo. I am sure your daughter will treasure them. What a make art with needle and thread. Lots of gratitude today on your blog. ...I am liking that as I work thru my own journey of gratefullness. I read in the book Attitude for thankful for what doesn't hurt you today.. And to be sure..lets throw Dr. Walsh in the mix too heh?

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

What lovely handwork!

I have some personal experience with the heart transplant list since my sweet husband was on it for a while before he passed. You are right, you have to be very sick before you can get on it and sometimes it's just too late.

Enjoy every day and the blessings it brings. Your attitude is amazing!! I'll be back to visit some more soon...

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I think your free hand piece looks wonderful. what a talent.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I also loved how you interwove your handicraft into your story as well. It is so nice to meet you!

FYI: We had our heart scare 2 weeks ago when my husband had a dangerously slow heart rate. They kept saying if he was any older they would put a pacemaker in immediately. We never discovered the cause. He's only 50.

H said...

You hang on in there and keep believing!

H said...

Ooops! Laptop mouse is a bit sensitive... Was going to add that I hope you're feeling much stronger soon, but don't rush it!

Tracy said...

Hi I just joined you for the first time I have really enjoyed what i read. My father has a pacemaker it is amazing how technology keeps people alive to give more pleasure along their journey. Just as you are giving pleasure to your daughter with tthese t towels. Wish I lived nearer would request one.
God Bless

Judie said...

I think your towels are PERFECT!
My husband was diagnosed with congestive heart failure last year, at age 68. I had a triple bypass at age 47. We are both doing well, under the circumstances, and SO CAN YOU!!!

Janice said...

I've always enjoyed reading your blog and find your work inspirational. Now, to find out that your world is more complicated than I could have imagined. I am all the more inspired by you, and reading your blog.

Pondside said...

Lovely to see your post. While I'm a very new follower, nevertheless, I have been wondering about you. Thanks for checking in and letting us know how you're doing.
Wishing you a swift recuperation!...

La said...

Hi Sandy!

I am a donor! I'm so glad that you found Dr. Walsh. He sounds like an amazing doctor. I BELIEVE you will be feeling much better in the next couple of days, especially once the rain stops.

Your daughter is going to love her beautifully embroidered new kitchen towels. The addition of the blue flowers really set it off perfectly.

Feel better soon! La

Karen said...

Hello Sandy, oh, I did not know you had troubles with your heart, my goodness. My prayers go out to you, and I am SO glad you found an excellent doctor.

The towels are so beautiful! And I know what you mean about writing a blog being helpful, just to be able to share with others is a relief.

Take care, thinking of you,

Debbiedoos said...

Oh WOW what an ordeal is glad you are OK now...
You sure have some patience to do those pretty towels like that...they turned out great. Take care now!~ Debbie

Jenny said...

What a beautiful post filled with hope and possibility.

I'm so sorry you have all this to deal with. And in the midst of it all you are creating beauty and joy for your family.

You sound like a strong, amazing woman.

Thanks for your wonderful link.

And thanks for sharing your courage with us.


Karen said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Its a great reminder to people who are healthy to appreciate life and a great reminder to people with an illness or life challenge to find or seek out the bits & pieces there are to appreciate. I'm glad there is newer technology that is keeping you here with us!

And I'm glad to have hopped here from Holly's 504 Main, Tickled Pink! Your monogrammed dishtowels look great and I can't believe you freehand drew the monograms to stitch....too cool! :>

Wishing you the best in your recovery, a perfectly working bit o' technology in you, & more research & technological advances!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I'm sorry for not getting here sooner...I'm also glad you are feeling better and you seem to have a wonderful attitude, bless you!
Love those towels you are working on for your daughter, she will just love them!

Val said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I feel for you. You are a miracle. What a testimony you have. I love your dish towels. I am just learning embroidery stitches. I hope that I can do it. Just practicing now. What kind of towels did you do that embroidery on? It is beautiful. My prayers are with you.

Unknown said...

Sandy, what an amazing story. We are all so happy you are alive and that there are amazing doctors with answers. Continue to rest and get well so we can enjoy you and your talents.

Your towels are beautiful as well.