Quick chair cover..

I found this really pretty home decor fabric at JoAnns for 60% off the regular $29.95 price tag. At first I had no idea what to do with the 4 yards I bought but I knew if I thought about it, "I'd think of something".  I just loved the color!
Then I remembered the, 'getting old and ugly chair' that sits next to my desktop pc.... This chair is what I call "Rikky's" chair (my cat). She is always laying on it as she watches the squirrels romper out on the deck...
This chair was a thrift store find about 4 years ago and I was tired of it but did not want to toss it. My thoughts were to put it on the curb with a "Free to a good home" sign. Well, it now has a bit of new life left.

I really didn't want to cut the fabric, my thoughts were to get  a new chair.. well new to me, I don't buy anything new.  So I simply tossed the 4 yds over the chair and pinned into place... but had to bring out the sewing machine to hem the rough edges... I may want to make a proper slip cover on the new chair one day.
I did cut a length to use for a valance in my, what I call, my garden guest room. Perfect color for that.

Not bad, it covered the chair and really, no one but Rikki sits on this chair so the fabric is not going to move when sat on.

Yes, what you see is a safety pin.. I did say "I pinned  on the slip cover".

Needing a bit of contrast  I took out a few of my dishtowels that have been sitting in a drawer. Lord knows I could not use my vintage linen towels from Italy for dishes. I found a way to simply sew seams on the towels without cutting them, they are now stuffed and turned into pillows. Never know, I may change my mind about the pillows and keep the dishtowels in tact.
 I think I rather like the look!

Ugly green chair is now updated.  
Might just keep the chair a little longer?



Granny J said...

There's nothing ugle about that chair. I love the color and the pillows are the perfect finishing touch. I'm sure you're getting excited about seeing your sister. October will be here before you know it.

I'll be thinking of you on Monday.

Hugs, Jackie

La said...

This looks great and the kitty seems to love it. Your pillows are wonderful.

Have a fantastic weekend! La

Lisa Madden Bass said...

VERY cute and smart did a super job on chair cover, and I love the pillow, they really add to the print on your chair!
Thank you for the inspiration :)


Mumsy said...

This turns out beautiful! I like that design on the fabric..Thanks for visiting and following..I'm following you back!

Karen said...

Oh, I wish you were available to help me update this silly house of mine! We have chairs from all over the place (none of them match, how embarrassing!) and some of them are downright dreadful-looking. I have more fabric than sense, two sewing machines AND two sergers....and do you think I've taken the time to reupholster the wrecks in my dining room? No. But I keep being inspired by you---one of these days, I may surprise myself! LOVE your chair!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the fabric. It gives the chair a totally new look.

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