My Quilt

Quilting has always been a love of mine although I'm not perfect with the cutting and the measuring. 
I think I have made maybe 12 over the years, not one has  graced my bed.
The quilts have been for family or just made to use scrap fabrics that may have been left over from one sewing project or another.
I remember my mom made many quilts.  This may be where I learned to enjoy the craft.

Rikki, my 15 yr old cat was really annoyed with me.. I tried to lay the quilt on the bed to see how it was coming along, she was screaming,, 'Go Away'.. 'Leave Me Alone'!!   My bed seems to be her sleeping spot during the day and I was in her way!

The fabric for this quilt may just be a first! I went to a quilt fabric store and paid good money for this fabric. 
Normally I use scraps to make quilts,,, except the ones I made my three grandsons. They needed little boy fabric,, I spoke of those on a past blog article.  You can read about Alex's blanket here.

 (please excuse the bad light from the camera shot)

Putting the quilt together is not the fun part for me.. it's the hand quilting that I enjoy.
I used a washable pencil to make the design and then I sat and did the quilting. Yes by hand.... it's so relaxing to me.

There she is again.... plops right down on anything I'm sewing or doing!

I had a few scraps left over from the quilt so I made some pillow covers.  
Nice added touch.

Now that I've finished my new quilt it has me looking around my bedroom with the thoughts of,  "I need to repaint the walls and make some new drapes, or sheers on the sliding glass windows"
Did you ever notice once you start one project,  it leads to another?

But what color for the walls?  Hmmm?  I'll have to think on this for a while.  It's much too chilly out, and I can't open the windows for painting.. so I'll just live with the white walls for a while longer.   Besides, I still have work to do in the kitchen.. oh that kitchen!   Will it ever get done?
I need to get the 'can lights' put up in the ceiling... 

By the way, for all following my story on the "Counter top paint"  Click the link to read about the paint made especially for those of us,  who just don't have the $$'s to buy a new counter top!

I'm happy to say,, "It's been 4 weeks since I painted the counter,  and so far not a scratch or stain has appeared"...  It is holding up wonderful!    

Don't be afraid to paint the counters in your kitchen!  
( If you look really hard, this is me doing the happy dance)

((((   *   )))

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the cape on the corner said...

your cat-she really looks like she's yelling in that one pic, and so snug in the other!

your quilt-amazing! you are truly talented, and absolutely deserve your own quilt this time. fantastic job, and wonderful colors you chose!

Val said...

Well I love your quilt and I surely admire you for hand quilting it. I am headed to read about the paint now. The kitty is so sweet!

dollygk said...

Great stipling on your quilt!! It does look soft and glad you finally made your own!

Granny said...

Sandy, your quilt is beautiful. The pillows really finish off the look. It looks like your little furkid approves now that it's finished. lol

I like the idea of the bigger blocks. All the little blocks just overwhelm me. I don't think I'll ever finish the queen size that I started.

I love your countertops and am going to try that in our guest bathroom. So much cheaper than replacing the counters.

Eileen @ Cottage Beach House said...

I love the rose fabrics in your quilt. It is so pretty. And Rikki looks just like my kitty, who happens to be 14 years old!

Florrie said...

Love the springtime colours in your quilt.......and you hand quilted it too, that's amazing.

florrie x

Michael - Innkeeper said...

your quilt is amazing! seriously!

i just got a sewing machine for christmas, so i have a new appreciation for the craft.

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful. I have vowed to make myself a quilt this year. Just tonight finished one for our 2-year-old little neighbor girl. She loved it.

Here is a picture: