Rainy days and Monday

I woke this morning to rain and rather loud thunder.  They say, "it's going on all day".
This is the time of year Florida gets really good, sometimes scarey thunder storms and it will go on for several months  into rainy season and I just love the thunder!
Perfect day to think about building my Fireplace.

I ordered my "Amish Heat Surge Fireplace Insert", it arrived this week.

 I have had the heater on most of this past week due to the unusual cold that has spread to our area.... and  the heat,  the heat/surge produces  is  all they said it would be!
I have not had to turn on the central heat at all... and they also say "It uses
the electric of a coffee pot"... that remains to be seen, but I'm hopeful!

The flame is as close to real fire as it can get.   I've look at several over the past
year. Then I took a chance and ordered this one from a TV add.  The electric
savings is really what got me to buy this one. I'll admit I am getting my entire downstairs heated with this unit and I'm thrilled with it so far. 
Now to wait for the electric bill to come in?

This is my empty blank canvas!

My thoughts are to make a 5ft  tall surround. One that I can hang stockings on at Christmas and it must look real.  I can picture what I want it to look like in my mind. The surround will be raised, about 16" off the floor... hmmmm?
Mr Neither wants to hang his TV on the wall above. Not the one shown but a larger one, but I question that?   They say a TV will take away from the fire... I'd rather see the fire really, since I'm not a TV watcher.  This is where my decorating instincts take over.. Picture this,,, "A really nice wood framed mirror and a few candle sticks"!

We will have to pull straws on this one.  

Lets get the surround built then we can have this conversation!  Besides, don't we have to pull the cords behind the wall.. who wants to see cords?  It is starting to get complicated and I have not even started!

I need to go back and find the blog where I borrowed this photo.. It's been days so if you see your photo here.. please send me a message and I'll give credit where due! Your fireplace surround is so perfect and I am going to use it for a pattern of sorts!  Thank you in advance for the inspiration!
I just did a search and found Terry's blog,,  "Forever Decorating"
If you want to see more, click on over and see her "Man Cave"!

  My thoughts are to also build some book cases on either side and give the room some design and storage for my many books.

I'll tell you,, the rain has the house feeling damp and chilly but this nice little fireplace is doing a great job.  Did I tell you, "It's on wheels/casters and can be rolled anywhere in the house you need a bit of extra heat!  And one nice extra touch, the heater came with a remote control.. Flame up or down,, heat hi or low.  Very cool!
I'll post more on the next project in my never ending reno of my town house.. it's been a year now and 'room by room'   it will get done!

If you all have any photos or ideas for me,, please send them via the comment box or my email.  I need all the help I can get!

Enjoy your week!



dollygk said...

Ohhhhhh, you got the insert!! I can't wait to see what you'll do with it!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I have heard those fireplaces are really great! Let us know how you like it and good luck with your decorating decisions.

Sunny Day said...

I'll be really interested in if it does reduce your electric bill. Our heater was supposed to almost halve our bill but instead it increased it.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Yep, it is a rainy day here, I ran errands in this mess all day. I have an electric fireplace, it costs about 10 cents and hour, I have only turned the house heat on once this year, you will love it. When I don't need the heater I just turn on the fake fire, people think it is real! Enjoy!!


the cape on the corner said...

i always see those inserts, but no experience with them first hand. that's great you are having such success with it. i think both of your ideas sound good-the pic you show with the tv above totally works. i felt the same way, with it competing, but to have the fireplace and the tv in 2 different spaces is even more competing (to me). can't wait to see what you end up doing!

Granny said...

I love the look of that fireplace. I'm anxious to find out how it affects your electric bill.

The box of yarn came today. I will make good use of it. Thanks again for your generosity.

Sandy said...

I need to say thank you to all of you for your wonderful comments.. I've got too may projects going at one time and today i went to the depot to price wood for my faux fireplace.. I'm excited to get started.. such wonderful friends I've made here and can't thank you all enough..
Jackie.. I'm happy to help you with your generous knitting for the homeless.. I'll keep all my scraps just for you...
take care all!

Bella said...

Hi Sandy,
This is so great! I have seen these in magazines and always wondered about them! The fire looks great, I can't wait to see your continued project!!

Karen said...

Sandy, can't wait to see how the fireplace works out for you! I've seen them and always wondered if they worked well. Yours is very attractive and the fire looks so real. Keep us posted, please. :-)