Christmas in July

Now that all the family summer visitors have come and gone.
Once the house was cleaned and put back together I found myself with not a lot to do.
My sister is on the mend so my mind is in good spirits.
Time to think of working on a few Christmas gifts.

My first project is for my Sons little family dog "Cork".  Their living In Juneau and the weather really gets cold so what better gift than a warm sweater for his medium size "Chihuahua".
I need a model to see how well it will fit! Might have to borrow my neighbors little "Bichon" They both seem to be almost the same size?

Well, my plan of using little  "Tommy" (the Bichon) as a model did not work, he would have no part of trying on this little sweater.  Guess I have to take my chances and just hope it fits "Cork"

 Right now I have three knitting projects in the works.  Hats and Scarves for my grand daughter.  This will be her first winter in Juneau although she was raised in the UP of Michigan.  Cold and snow is all she knows.  Everyone could use a new hat and scarf.  I think a 13 year old girl would love one with sequins sparkling all around!

Right now knitting is the perfect project for this tired woman.  It's been hot and storming each day for the past week.  The a/c has the house nice and chilly.  Back to my chair to continue. I'll post the results of the "Dog Sweater"  if I can find a model who will cooperate!  Besides, Knitting is my favorite craft and everyone beware because you might get a knitted Christmas gift this year.

"Enjoy your weekend everyone"


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Karen said...

Oh, a knitted gift is so Special! I love the scarf with the sequins and the little doggie coat is precious, too! I hope you can post a picture of the lucky recipients wearing their lovingly made attire. Glad to hear your sister is still doing well, that's great news. Have a wonderful weekend.