Lightening does not strike twice??

Who ever said "Lightening does not strike twice" 
is fooling everyone.
We had "Quite" a storm this morning

And another Lightening strike! 
Out back somewhere! 
Not sure what was hit but it was LOUD!   After last weeks strike I found myself wanting to hide under the bed.... 
Our power went out  and this time it stayed out for hours, until the power company came out to restore it!  
Although it was 9 in the morning, inside our home was as dark as midnight and I sat on the sofa, while a violent thunderstorm loomed over us, knitting to candle light.  Me and Rikki (my 16yr old cat) sat together trembling.
I'll need to go back and find mistakes in my stitches, for sure!

 It has been raining for the past three days and everything is soaked.  The creek out back is flowing into my yard and so many trees are loosing branches with the gusts of wind.

All my plants are drowning!
The little Gnome is dealing with the weather very well.

Rainy season has been hard on us  in the Tampa Bay area.  This morning everyone was soaked during rush hour trying to get to work.  
But I was lucky.  I had no where to go!
Each summer I come to expect the rain but after a few weeks of it, it starts to get old and all of us here can't wait for the Fall, when it ends. What I would like to do with all this rain is huff and puff and send it West to Texas and the states in need of rain!
Come on Winter!
Well, just for us here in the tropics.  
I'm not wishing it for you all up North.
Oh how I remember Central, Illinois in the winter!  
That is why I'm here in Florida.
Ok,, I'll stop complaining!
Enjoy what is left of Summer everyone!
School starts August 22nd in my area and I'm sure there's  a lot of grumbling going on.
Boy did we have "Quite a Storm"


I'm joining Jennys"Q"
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Kimberly (owner) said...

I agree lightning can strike an area more than once. Somewhere behind our property in the forest there is an area that lightning seem to be attracted to. It's really strange and we can't figure it out. I really enjoy your blog! Stay safe! =)

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I'd love to have even a smidgen of that rain!
Don't feel bad about complaining...I've been complaining of our Drought conditions here in TEXAS...I'm sure all are tired of hearing it...I hope you plants don't drown...mine are dead! (from the heat)

take care and stay dry-- Pat

Judie said...

Wow!! Tucson could certainly use a three-day rain storm! Hope you dry out soon, though.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

We could use some rain. We have had quick storms. We really need a deep soaking rain.

Eliza Wynn said...

I enjoy rain but don't appreciate extremely loud thunder.

Karen said...

Sandy, I'm hoping the storms ease up on your area and leave you in peace, not in pieces! Lightning is no friend of mine, either.

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Eek! Hope everything was ok when you went to check. Your place looks so verdant and lush no doubt the rain helps but hope those crazy storms ease off for you!