Unalaska, Alaska

It's amazing the wonderful things one finds on a beach.

This is a dried,   basket ball size, piece  of wood, from years of tossing in the sea.   My son found while stationed in Dutch Harbor, Ak  the past two weeks.
As you all may know,  Dutch Harbor is where the program "Deadliest Catch" is filmed... a very cold part of the nation.
His CG duties took him there.
It's going home with him as a souvenir.

It looks like it might make a great Wrens nest but if I know my son it will grace a table in the living room.
I told him since I'm a rock collector,  to send on a box of those wonderful rocks.  

Hold on weather until his plane is up!
Fair Winds to my boy as he flies out tomorrow for home in Juneau.
The "Bering Sea" in the photo.



Pondside said...

So hard to see them head off, far away. Good luck to him! (and I'll bet you'll get a rock or two)

Susan said...

It must be tricky to fly in such foggy weather. That piece of wood is a great find.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

It would probably be in my house as well. I think it's really cool looking. Has he ever found any glass fishing floats? I finally ordered some from Etsy and ebay. I find them fascinating.

Granny said...

I would have had to tuck that into my suitcase for the trip home also. I love beachwood and rocks.