Making a Chochet Hook User Friendly. . . .

Now that the Holidays are behind us we will all be getting back to our daily lives.  Today all the outside Christmas lights came down and the storage boxes filled with ornaments went back into the store room.

My sister picked up her crochet again and has had enough of her teeny crochet hook that has been bothering her fingers.  The small sizes are really hard to hold when your not used to one. We both sat down and tried to find a way to make it more 
"User Friendly"
  In other words, thicker so holding it would be more comfortable.
We thought of wrapping something around it.  Tape would get sticky with time.  Something like a straw. long with a hole that we could slip the hook into?  The only Crochet Hook she brought with her,  is thicker and the wrong size. I told her to use it anyway. 
Ha, what do I know about Fillet Crochet?

We then went to the Home Depot thinking we could find something to enlarge the handle..  The guys at the store were no help really.  A woman coming in with a crochet hook really turned their minds to mush. It was rather funny really.
We did find a long pipe, tube of sorts, that one would use under a sink for the water to flow.  It was more like a straw and we thought if we filled it with glue.. no, that's not going to work? 
Then I went out in my store room and there is was.  A rather used bottle of "Round Up" a weed and grass killer.  The tube was perfect!
I cut a length and soaked it in Dawn and hot water. 

The water tube was much too large.

The plastic tube from the spray bottle fit perfectly.

All we needed to do was push it into place and there it was.  Just what was needed to make the Crochet Hook comfortable to hold.
No more sore fingers.

Using your imagination and searching around your home will always find the solution to a problem.

* * * * *
I hope everyone is happy and recovering from all the hustle and bustle of the Holidays.
Time to get back to life as you know it or life as you would dream it to be.

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Pondside said...

How inventive! Just goes to show....

Fantastyk Voyager said...

That is a good idea! Thanks for sharing.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

great idea. I've often wondered if there was a fat crochet hook with a tiny hook on the hands get more sore with each passing year!

thanks for tip...i'm gonna try it.

Make It Happen Mama said...

Good move soaking off the chemicals ;-)

dollygk said...

So sweet of you to help me do this Sis!

Jami said...

Ingenious!! Thanks for sharing at the Tuesday To Do Party!