Photography Action Shots

Action shots always amaze me. This one is of my grandson. The photo was taken by my Niece with his dad happily tossing him into the air.  
Makes me smile every time I see it.

The photo was taken in Cozumel Mexico this past month.

Gogo is just 18 months old and is as active as his dad. This young man is really my  sisters grandson and I guess in the family line I can also call him grandson.
For being just 18 months old this little guy has been around the world 5 times. 
He has been on 4 cruises and to numerous American Historical and State Park sites. Not to mention world tourist spots.
He has traveled more in his young life, than most do in an entire lifetime.

Gogo's parents have been living in Ohio while his dad finished his MBA and will be flying back to the Middle East this weekend. I'll sure miss him and his parents being close,  but hope to see them once a year when they return for vacations.
It makes me sad that my entire family lives so far from me,  but I'm happy to say we are closer than most families and see each other often.
One great thing will happen in a a few months, my daughter #2 will be coming back to the states with her military husband and their three small boys, from their 3 year jaunt to Guam.  I have made sure the boys know grandma. Every two months I sent a care package with items they could not buy and numerous gifts in those boxes.  It was turning into, "Did grandma send the box yet"?   Their new duty station will be in Oklahoma and is only a 3-4 hr flight for me to go visit them. They also will come see me often I'm sure.

My entire life, I've always wondered what it would be like to have  family living down the street from me.. not in other countries or states?
Would it be a pleasure or a hindrance?

So is life!

"Have a great weekend"


Judie said...

Sandy, some of my grandchildren live in the southeast, and we are here in Tucson. If I see them once a year, I am lucky! The youngest two, 2 1/2 year old twins, came for Christmas and it was WONDERFUL! Our son gave us a camera, so now we are on Skype with them frequently. They had a wonderful time here, and thought that we were getting on the plane with them to go back to Kentucky! I do not want to miss being around while they are growing up, and we are trying to find the best way to handle this issue.

That photo is terrific!!

Thanks for your comment on my post, Sandy. Our country just can't go on like this much longer. It makes me sick!!

The Sage Butterfly said...

That sounds like such a blessing! You must be so excited...enjoy!