I've been off the blog for the past three weeks due to family.  This has been my fourth family visit this year and today I'm sitting here tired and full of good thoughts and memories.  The house is so quiet and I think I might have gone deaf!
I once again gave up my bedroom to family members with children. Mishal, his wife Mona and their two small children, JoJo and Majed.  They flew in from Kuwait and totally took over my home and life.  This was a good take over and I so enjoyed each and every moment but a few times I forgot I had a heart problem and did a bit too much. But I did survive all the fun.
Mishal is my sisters son, Mona his wife and their two children. JoJo is three and Majed is 19 months.

JoJo and I made cupcakes.

Feeding  bread to the Gulls was a big hit for the kids.

 Oh how we laughed while Mishal peddled us on the bike build for 6.

The children were so happy to talk with and hug Elmo and Big Bird.

Cousins, Cyndi and Mishal racked up points for the kids.

 There were times when I wanted to pass out along with the kids.

 Shopping, how we shopped.  Today the van took 8 large, over weight suit cases  along with numerous carry on's to the airport. I'm afraid to ask what the airline charged for it all? 
All of you who are frequent flyers  know how much easier it is to find your bags on the busy round about. Tie a ribbon of sorts on each, of color.  Mishal bought a 'dog chew' and separated it.. wonderful colors tied to each.

Shoes Mommy, Shoes!
Even at 3, JoJo is an experienced shopper.

If I was to list the places we went, it would take at least 4 pages.   Each day, 21 in all, we went out in a large rented van equipped with car seats and enough room for us all, including  my sister, Mishal's mom. We must have visited every tourist attraction in Florida. My body is telling me to stop and take it easy but my mind is in over drive because it was so hard to say bye this morning as the airport shuttle took them away. 
This was my first visit with Mishal's family and I fell in love with them all.
Out of the 21 days I cooked only twice.  We ate out every day and that in itself was a treat for me.  But the house, what a mess it stayed.  
 Today was me and my sister going from room to room finding little things that only small children could leave... cars, balloons, little bits of paper and so much more.  I also found a few of Mona's (my niece) hair rollers and bath items... wonderful reminders that were left for me.  They will grace a shelf in the bath.
When Mona first entered my home all I could see was her 'black sweater coat"... I so loved it and although she wore it quite a few times, she knew how much I admired it and today it was hanging on the coat rack on the stair case.. (Thank you Mona)

The kids are on their way to their home in Kuwait with the promise of coming back next year..  
I'm holding them to that!

Family.  There is nothing better, except maybe family living closer.  My kids are so scattered around the world.  
But, that makes it all the more special when they come.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks to you dear for putting up with Mishal and family, it was trying at times LOL

Gypsy Heart said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience! I'm so out of the loop in being around little ones...don't know how you did it. I so hope that you will stop now and rest and relax ~ we need you to be around! :-)

P.S. We could probably take a trip with the $$$ they had to spend on the baggage charges. Sad for them.

Gypsy Heart said...

I left a I don't see it. Blogger is driving me batty! If it doesn't post...will stop by again.


Jewelsinabox said...

Thank you for the amazing experience and for taking care of us when we were there...It's so hard to readjust being back in Kuwait..partly due to jet lag and partly 'coz we had way too much fun! Thanks for being an amazing tour guide and for putting up with our GPS system who constantly disagreed with you! lol!! Love you loads Aunt Sandy and can't wait till next year...and of course sorry for the mess!!! You were an amazing host and we took full advantage of that..for that I do apologize...but I did warn you when I was looking for hotels when we arrived..but you insisted! lol!! And I'm very glad you did! You are a gem...that we all treasure...please take care of your health and take it easy...I promise we'll try not to keep you too busy next time! hugs and kisses...