Congrats to my girl, Cyndi ....

her actual home, google images

This past few weeks I've been talking about my children.

Two sons and their adventures with the US Coast Guard and my youngest daughter finally after three years, moving back to the states from Guam.
Now it's  my oldest daughter and her wonderful news.
Cyndi bought her dream house.  
April 20th is the closing and she is on cloud nine.

Her new home is in Jupiter, Florida and sits in a neighborhood with many homes that each have more than an acre of property.  In fact there are horse paths all through the farms....
(maybe I can get that horse I've always wanted)
Cyndi is a single woman and has been traveling with her job for years.  She chose to work in the main office located in Jupiter and decided to settle down once and for all.
The home she chose was not an easy one to get. Three times she had to bid only to be turned down twice. Thankfully (well, too bad for them) the last two bidders could not get the financing.. 
She was told today "It's hers"

The home has a great room looking on the kitchen and there are so many possibilities in decorating.
I spoke to her while she tried to do her job and she said, 
"I can't think and I can't work, I'm shaking"!!

 I'll be driving to Jupiter next weekend to take a first hand look at her new home and then will go back after the closing with my yard tools and paint brush... We have some fixing and decorating to do once the moving truck gets there...
Moms going to spend a few weeks giving advice and a helping hand.

Maya and Tessa will love their new digs also.
(These two lovely girls are my grandcats)

I wanted to send out a "BIG CONGRATS" to Cyndi
If anyone deserves this special home, you do!


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Gypsy Heart said...

Outstanding!! I'm so happy for her. The space looks huge...and I believe there will be lots of painting and decorating going on. Take care of yourself in the process, ok? Time will take care of all of I found out with my last move. :-)


Vicki/Jake said...

How fun! It's always so exciting to start over with a new house. This looks like a great place. Congrats to you both:)