I'll be on the street corner giving away basel soon....

I started growing three Basel plants about 4 months ago and am finding although I use it on a daily basis I just have much too much. So rather than waist it  I usually dry some and the ones I pick for immediate use go into water just like a bouquet of flowers.  And they always root.

My kitchen window sill always has a few fresh cutting and I found they root in a matter of days.

When I find the mother plant, on the front porch, is getting too tall and ready to flower I pinch off the flower right away and put the new cuttings in water... it's a cycle now and I just can not use it fast enough.  Really, Basel go's into every thing I cook. (that's the Sicilian in me)
Today I potted a few more cuttings and found I now have 6 pots growing and that makes at least 13 plants.

Yesterday I layered these beautiful leaves in a veggie lasagna and the taste was to die for, but I just did not use basil fast enough and my stash keeps enlarging.

You might just find me  on the corner selling bunches soon because I hate to waist it.

Before planting in pots I put a coffee filter in the bottom, then the soil. For some reason the herbs like this because they all grow so well. I do use good potting soil and never re use the same soil twice. Not sure, but that could be the secret to growing healthy herbs?
At least they show me they like it?

I also have Lemon Basel growing. These plants are on the back deck and today I noticed the leaves have snail paths on them.. guess they need to go out on the front porch. There are much to many potted plants out front and someone is going to trip over one soon!

 Now that rainy season is in full force all the little snails come out on the back deck and their eating all the herbs I have growing back there and I hate to use snail bait. My yard is pesticide free so all the little critters have free run.

That's an idea... let the critters eat what we can not.  No need for me to make a fool out of myself by standing on the corner trying to give away bunches of herbs.....

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Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

Oh My Goodness! It would be like dying and going to Basil Heaven! LOVE IT! PESTO is my VERYVERYVERY Favorite food...You can make it put it into ice cube trays POP the little buggers out and freeze them in bags for WINTER USE!
I NOW want to move NEXT DOOR TO you! and BEG on your doorstep!
I love the idea of the coffee filter. I WILL do that! Thank you for your hints of success...I did NOT have a successful attempt last year.
Have a fun weekend,

Diann said...

Oh, your basil looks wonderful! We can't seem to grow enough of it. I use so much during the summer months!

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

oh yummy! i can't wait until we have our own garden!! found you via the blog hop and am looking forward to following along :)