Spending time with my grand boys and Cinnamon buns....

Ya know, for the mess we made and the amount of time it took, these Cinnamon buns turned out to be a hit!  I mean the boys and their dad ate two each within a matter of minutes....

As you all know, using yeast takes time.  My grandsons had no idea why we could not just put all the ingredients in the mixer and just turn it on... was so much energy for them to wait for the first step,  the yeast to foam in warm water.  They all hung over the mixing bowl and waited. They saw this as a science experiment.

This was a project for the boys and we had such a good time. Each had a job to do and it seemed to take hours but they really enjoyed each step to create Cinnamon Buns.  Eric cracked the eggs into a cup and Joell filled the measuring cup with exactly 4 cups of flour.

Then after each boy gathered the ingredients they took turns adding the flour, eggs, cinnamon, sugar,  salt, and rice dream milk. They all were overjoyed when the dough started to form.

Took me a bit of words for them to understand why the dough needed to rest before the next step, kneading.

Once the dough was ready each took a turn rolling it into a triangle.  Then added the soft butter and the cinnamon mixture.... I helped them with the turning of the dough and let them each cut the roll into buns.  They were just amazed to see the cinnamon inside each pinwheel shape.
The hardest part was waiting for the buns to rise.  A half hour seemed like forever.. "Is it ready yet grandma?"

I had great plans to get a photo of the finished cooling buns but I left the kitchen for about 15 minutes and look what I came back to.... eaten!  The boys and their dad were at the table with their milk and each had a big silly smile on their face.  I had plans to let the buns cool before adding the sugar frosting but they put it on while right out of the oven and it all melted, but did not change the flavor. 
Sugar is sugar!

I just can't tell you how nice it is to be with my kids.  It pains me to know how much time I lost while they lived in Guam... but I have them now, only two airplanes away (about 5 hours) and we plan on visiting several times a year back and forth from OKC to Tampa.

I have the boys to myself all weekend.  Their mom and dad flew to Vegas this morning for a much needed long weekend together.  Today is their 11th wedding anniversary and it makes me smile to know their relationship is just as happy and fresh as their first year together.

Have a great weekend everyone!

My time in OKC, to be continued!


Gail said...

Mmmmm, I can smell them.

Anonymous said...

So glad you found something to make with them on the first day and something they LOVED he he Enjoy Sis, LOVE you

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

How fun!
Mom and Dad are away...and Gramma and the kids will play!

enjoy your time catching up. :) Pat

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Wonderful photos of great family activity ~ Love cinnamon buns ~ enjoy the weekend ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Thanks for coming by and commenting ^_^

bj said...

I had a big smile on my face all the way thru this great, loving post. I know just how you feel...not a thing in this world better than having grands around.
And, I am starving to death for a cinny roll this morning. No yeast...well, I'll have cinnamon biscuits....
xoxo bj