"I can actually see the Holidays coming"

Once the Holidays are over I always save the Poinsettias and pot them up on my deck, or put them out in my back yard. This is one of the perks of living in SoFla.  I think I might have about 8 growing into bushes out back and three have the leaves turning red.

 This pot has two plants that were really small last Christmas and I felt bad for them and put into a large plastic pot. I can never toss them as so many millions of people do.  Their treated like disposable plants and that does not sit right with me.. 
This past few months I've been getting my list together and have done some crochet for a few people, not getting the Holiday feeling until this past week, when I saw the Poinsettias  starting to bloom.

 It's pretty amazing to watch.. there is not a flower bud of sorts,  the actual leaves start to turn yellow then red.

 Guess it's time to get serious about the Holidays.. the Poinsettias say, "There on the way!"

 Let me share one of my Crochet creations..
 "Fingerless Gloves and Beret"
(I'm not saying who they are for)

Time to get your gifts made and to get the lists made then ready set go.... Shopping! 
"Yes, the Poinsettias are talking"


Pondside said...

My Christmas Cactus bloomed this week - I think it's trying to tell me something!

Susan said...

Hi Sandy, It bothers me too that people toss them out after Christmas. Yours will be very nice and red right on time. Love your crocheted items...very pretty colors!

Karen said...

Hi Sandy, your poinsettias are amazing. I feel the same way about tossing them out at the end of the season, but since we're so cold here, it's difficult to keep them. So, because I can't bear to plop 'em in the trash, I buy silk ones instead...(not sure if that's politically correct or not, lol.)

Love the crocheted gloves and matching beret...what a lucky recipient!

Victoria said...

So pretty! My lawn guy mowed over mine this spring. :~( I can't wait to get some more this Christmas!

Your yarn color is gorgeous!

the cape on the corner said...

i had no idea those plants could get so big! wow! can't believe it's november, can you? yeesh.