Sweet Potato Pound Cake... yummm!

My copy of Country Living Magazine came this week and I found a really tasty recipe using Sweet Potatoes to make  pound cake.  
I had to try it! 

(please excuse the drip marks on the page, things got messy)

The recipe was easy. The only thing that took a bit of time was cooking the sweet potato since I did not have any left over in the fridge.

 The only changes I made to this recipe was a sugar drizzle on top after it was baked and cooled.  Although I love Pecans my family does not. So I left them off. The next time I make this cake I think I'll make it for me and add the pecans chopped and folded into the batter.. that would really make me smile.

 This was indeed a pound cake since the batter was very dry and heavy.

It was a hit!

Before anyone could devour my cake I sent a piece to one of my neighbors. He is a senior and lives alone so I'm always sending what ever new food  I might bake or cook over to him.

After the pound cake was finished I went out to run some errands, was gone about an hour or so and this is what I came home to.


 "My family gives this recipe an A plus"


Pondside said...

It looks very yummy! I love sweet potatoes and think they'd be delicious in a pound cake - must have a look at this!

EG CameraGirl said...

This looks scrumptious and I can see your family thought so too.

Karen said...

Hi Sandy, oh, phooey, I just gave away all of my sweet potatoes, now I see this recipe...oh, well, there's always next year and I AM trying to lose weight, lol.

I had such a fun time going back through some of your older posts, too. The closet remodel was amazing, I've said this before and I'll say it again, I wish you lived closer. You could help me remodel this teeny hut. As always, very inspirational and professionally done!

Diann said...

Oh, this looks really good! Stop by my blog. You are one of the winners of the free bottle of Purex! Thank you for sharing last week at TTF. Have a great day!

Victoria said...

yum! I've gotta find my country living magazine!