Another busy day working on the upstairs bath and my Hoya is blooming....

Today was another one of those busy days for me.  I went back to working on my upstairs bathroom  but first I needed to go out and water most of my potted plants. Our heat is back and in just one day they all dry out.  I noticed on the upstairs balcony the Hoya was blooming.  They are the sweetest flower clusters and mine are pink although they do come in white and lavender.  The plant has very long trailing vines and the flower has a waxie feel about them.  I think they feel and look like china.  I don't get an aroma but some say this flower does have one?
Then it was into my painting clothes and up to the bathroom I went to finish plastering areas where I took out the 1970's china TP, soap and tooth brush holders.  They match the tub and tile, a really deep cream color from the era.  Once I finish with the walls I'm going to attempt to paint the tub (that is for another post) and install a new white toilet.  
  After pulling out the holders  I used a scrap of drywall and plaster to repair the holes.
  Then I installed the new wood medicine cabinet.  Looks so much better than the old rusty outdated 1970's cabinet that was there.  I was surprised how easy it was to remove the old and install the new one.. just a matter of 4 screws then plastering the torn and broken spots in the dry wall that I created when moving out the old.

The walls are being  painted a  fresh coat of Behr,  
"Billowy Down" paint.
See what I mean about the ugly tub and tile.  I priced new but the budget just laughed at me.  Strange but my shower stall is tiled in a white color?

I'll tell you now that I've painted the kitchen counter I have so much more faith in all the new paints out there that are budget friendly.  It's been three years now since doing the kitchen counter top and it's holding up wonderfully.  I did the counter in this bath just three days ago and paid all of $19.99 for a quart and I still have about half  the can left.
From the old 1970's yellow laminate to a very soft "Ash" (gray) color and it really looks nice with the white walls and vanity.  I noticed the tub, tile and toilet are cream. Sink and shower tile is white. Wonder who put this room together because it's all original to the house?
This beauty below will be installed into the sink.  Now this excites me to have a new faucet.  
A tall faucet!

 I spent about 4 hours patching and painting and now I'm tired.  Time to sit still for the evening and continue on with my latest project, a cross stitch bib for my grandbaby Henry.  He is just 6 weeks  so this one will work in a few monthsI have plenty of time to finish.
 Feels good to sit!  Tomorrow is Sunday and it's my day of rest. Well maybe?
"Have a good weekend everyone"

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Look at you go!
That patch job is tedious. Good that you have spare dry wall to patch...rather than the mesh...both work, but I think the dry wall holds better.
I'm excited to see it all finished.
with the new cabinet and paint it is all going to look great in there.

I've never seen a Hoya, well, maybe ...but didn't know what it was called.
My new grand baby will be here in Mid-to late Sept (per the Dr.) but...My daughter and I think they are off by 1 month!!!
Same thing happened with me and my last child.
I have to get busy crocheting and making for this one. You are an inspiration.

Now. I've written a chapter for my next book...and uploaded here in comments. You get first crack at it!

...enjoy your day of rest tomorrow, friend. Pat

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your bathroom looks so nice. It's making me wish we could work on ours! Love your stitching projects, too!

Barbara F. said...

Wow! You are a talented DIYer!! Love the embroidered fire truck, too. Visiting from Sunny Simple Life. xo

dollygk said...

You do some good work kid!!! Bath is looking good, LOVE you Sis

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I'm really enjoying watching the progress on your redo. Love all,that counter space.