My Valentines Day dinner

While on a search for a really nice Valentines Day dinner I found this wonderful menu in the current issue of "Country Living" magazine... if anyone loves Shrimp as I do, and Lamp Chops (something I never make due to the cost of those little charmers)... this is an amazing meal.
Shrimp Bisque with Bourbon

                                 Lamb Chops with Mint Gremolata

     Avocado and Strawberries with Honey Vinaigrette

Only one more part of this meal is needed. A good bottle of wine. I found this one on line, but it's much too late for me to order so I went to my local wine store.. they did not have it, so I opted for a different brand, but just as nice.  This one sounds amazing!
Alto Almanzora Este, 2006 Blueberry, plum, fruitcake, and chocolate are just some of the flavors in this six-grape blend from Spain, a favorite of Lucas Paya's at the Bazaar in Los Angeles. ($8.99;

I did think of posting the recipes for this menu but then thought better of it.. I'm sure at this late date you all have your dinners in the oven or on the stove... if you have the copy of "Country Living" look into it, for your next special occasion.

"Happy Valentines Day" Everyone!



The Muse said...

Happy V day to you as well...your dinner sounds divine!

Tallulah Antiques Closet said...

Thank you for stopping by and seeing the photos, Im glad you liked them. Have a great evening. Julian

Carole said...

I hope you had a lovely day. Thank you for visiting my blog. :-)

Trish said...

That looks like an excellent Valentine's Day meal!!!
Thanks for coming by my blog and telling me a little more about your family. Ours is blended too! Two are mine and Roger's together. He brought two with him and I brought three. :) But they are all OURS. We are all pretty close except for one daughter who has decided to distance herself (and her family) from the rest of us. Hopefully time will heal her and they'll come back around. We miss them but what can you do? Even when they are grown you have to let them make their mistakes and find their own way.

passport in my pocket said...

I will have to try that wine! A reasonably-priced red!

Kelly Ballard said...

Your meal looks just scrumptious! Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day!

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