"St Patty's Day"

I come from a very "Irish" Mother named "Mary Eileen Murray". Her father came to America as a young man from Ireland toting along his very English wife.
He was one of the Irish that had to work hard to establish himself living in New York, doing different trades, until he had the good sense to join the United States Coast Guard and served in WW1 and WW2.  He and his wife, Cora B Davis, created 5 children. One being my mom... 
As most of you know the Irish had a rough start in America. They were considered a lesser people and most worked as laborers and house maids.  After my mom grew into a young woman she met my father. Anthony Gerbino, (who also was in the USCG) from a very Sicilian family who came to America 'on the boat".... Moms marrying an Italian was a very big "No No" in those days because it was considered beneath  the Italians  to even socialize with the Irish.  Mom told me so many stories of her early days in the 1940's when she was shunned by his family and friends. I would like to add, my son, Thomas, is a Lutinent in the USCG and my youngest daughter is married to a CG man, carrying on the family tradition.


Today I'm so happy to say being half Irish and half Italian is not a bad thing anymore, so celebrating "St. Patricks" day was and is a big thing in my home.  My grandfathers name was, "Thomas Partick Murray"... how much more Irish can one be?

During the time I lived in Chicago I witnessed the turning of the Chicago River, Green. 


Another time I lived in San Antonio TX, and walked the River Walk while it was Green.



To all of you, Irish or not, or 'just a little bit" Irish let me say 
"Happy St Patty's Day"
Follow that rainbow and let all your dreams come true!


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Tis a fair bit of Irish touting be ye singing 'ere...lassie...


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