out with the old

An early Christmas gift to myself and you will see
it does not take much to make me happy!

Just look at that faucet.
Bright and shiny and new.
It has a soap dispenser.
The spray is on the nozzle.
It's so much taller.
Oh my!

We took out the old sink finally and put in the new stainless steel sink..
I could not be happier to get that old dirty scratched
thing outta here!

This kitchen reno of mine has been in the works for almost a
year now.. so many things have kept me from finishing it but
yesterday the new sink went in and I'm so happy!

This is the kitchen when I first moved in the town house.

And this is how it looks today... still not finished but this past week
I told myself "It's time to get working on it once again".
For those of you that don't know
I've done all the work myself.
Yes these two hands are responsible for
the demo and all.

I think tossing the old sink has been the most important part
to me... and I'll say it again.. "I'm so happy".

There is still so much more to do,, the counter top and the back
splash.. but let me gush at the sight of this beautiful new sink.....
Taking a bow here,
along with a BIG SMILE.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Oh it is fun to get a new sink and faucet! Looks wonderful, as does the whole project!

Dolly said...

Hey Sis, I'm so happy for you... the new sink and fawcet are just great!!

Granny said...

Love your new sink and faucet. I love the tall faucets that you can actually get a pan under. I also love your cabinets. They really brighten up the kitchen. Hope you don't overdo it now that you're feeling better.

the cape on the corner said...

the sink looks great, but i never realized your whole before and after in your kitchen. it is all fantastic, and you should be extremely proud of your hard work!

No name said...

Love the new sink! It looks amazing with the pretty blue on your walls. My kitchen still isn't finished either. What a big project it is to do a reno on a kitchen! Yours was far more work than mine. I'm impressed you did it all yourself. You're one tough cookie!