my christmas wreath

I went on a search for a large 'Christmas Wreath' for the front wall on the
outside of my house.

I found all the large wreaths to be so expensive... so
I went to my local Dollar Store.

Found two 6ft packages of garland.
Made a large wire circle and wrapped the garland around it.

Like most of you "I have a large storage box filled with Christmas decorations"

I chose mostly Poinsettias for the decorations around the wreath.

My largest expense was this "Red Bow"... $5.00 at JoAnns.

During a nice walk in the woods with my sister, we found some pine cones
and they also grace my wreath...

Notice the tiny, "Battery operated Tea lights".. I put a few around the
wreath, with wire.

That is me, walking around inspecting my work, in progress. It's a chilly 
night here in Clearwater but I still have my shorts on.

This past few days were spent getting my sister ready
for her flight home.. she so wants to spend Christmas
with her children  and grandchildren this year.
I did have the pleasure of her company for the past three
months. We have such a good time with her yearly visits.
This year I was lucky to have her here when I needed
her most... nurse me back to health!
She flew out yesterday. Tampa to Miami to London.. should be catching her flight from London in about an hour, then home to Jeddah  (7am
or so).  She has been flying for two days now.. bet she is
tired.... She told me the airport in London is so cold and she left
with only a sweater. 14 hour layover there but they have a great
VIP lounge for her to relax while waiting.  She said the shopping
also is great in the airport, (like she had room for more gifts).
Funny thing, in the Tampa ap her three bags were over the 72lb
limit and we had to do a bit of shifting her belongings from one bag
to another to get them legal....(they were full of xmas gifts for her

Me and  Dolly at our "see you soon" lunch yesterday.

Maybe tonight I'll get back outside to finish the decorations

but I'm a bit sad, and it's so chilly out.  This was not the
winter weather I thought I was getting when I left the fridig
Central Illinois winters.... 
No.. tomorrow is another day,, it's Crochet tonight. 
Am finishing a shawl for myself, to use on these drafty
evenings.... I'll get that posted soon!

Happy Holiday Shopping everyone!


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Aren't sisters just the best!! I miss mine so much. We are about eight hours apart and can't always get together like we want to.

I love your wreath idea. I looks great, very festive.


Karen said...

Oh, I'm sure you will miss your dear sister. How wonderful that you are able to spend time together though. I have no siblings any longer (and never had a sister) so I can only imagine the joy. I love your wreath, what a clever idea and your garden decorations are just lovely. You and your sister are beautiful ladies!

Granny said...

I love your wreath. That is such a smart way to decorate without spending a fortune. I haven't put out any decorations this year. I do have Christmas towels and potholders in the kitchen but that isn't decorating. Just can't get in the mood.

Hope your sister had a nice flight home. I won't be seeing either of my sisters before Christmas but plan to get together with them after the holidays.

No name said...

Look at you traipsing around like it's summer time. I'm so jealous! lol. Your outdoor decor looks GREAT!