Garage Saleing Bird Feeder

I found this really sweet bird feeder while garage sailing yesterday.
I paid all of $1.50 for it....
Was a blustery chilly day here in So. Fla and was perfect for going
from sale to sale.
Although I really liked the shape, the color  was a bit 'foo foo' for me,
so I got out my brown craft paint, watered it down and put it on the
blue....then craft gloss sealer... with hopes of keeping it safe from the
outside elements....

I'd have many bird feeders and houses outside but as I said once before
I have this sweet old man that lives down the street,  he came up to me
once telling me 'how my yard is looking like trailer park'. It was very
hard for me, being the lady that I am, to simply turn and walk away without saying some nasty thing to him.
 I continue to put my little garden accessories out there in spite
of his grumpy self.

The feeder had some really nice flowers and leaves painted on it so I
just went around them with the brown.

The light today was not going to cooperate for me so the photo
was a bit dark....I took another photo facing my town house and what
comes into view first are the Christmas decorations. The feeder is
somewhat showing.

I'll post soon about my Christmas Wreath on the wall outside.
I went on a search for a large wreath but did not want to pay
$50.00 or more for one... went to the dollar store and made my own.
I'll have that up in a few days.. once the outside decorations are completed.

Have a great shopping week everyone!


Granny J said...

I probably wouldn't have been as polite with the man's comment as you were. Love the big wreath. I'll be watching for your post on how you made it. Hope you're staying nice and warm. It's a balmy 9ยบ here this morning.

Darla said...

With those small long openings it reminds me of a butterfly house. You did a fantastic job sprucing it up. Your neighbor should be careful of the words he chooses to use. You should have giggled and said, "Why thank you."

Granny J said...

Love the wreath and am looking forward to read how you made it.

Karen said...

Oh dear, what a curmudgeon the man is! I wonder how much of his criticism is fueled by jealousy?

Your birdhouse is so very pretty, I love the new color. Can't wait to see the new wreath, I've always wanted a large one, too, but didn't want to pay so much for it.

Revamped French Maison said...

Your birdhouse is beautiful! As for the grumpy old man... well... tell him to get over it or you'll start putting decorations in his yard too.You could get a bunch of floral picks at Joans dirt cheap and then stick them all over his yard and hot glue them to a few trees. Just kidding. lol Honestly people like that just need a big hug.