a chilly sewing day

Amazing what one day can do to the temperature... Yesterday it was in the low 80's and this morning I woke to the low 50's.. Chilly out there!
After a full day in the yard getting my garden planted and ready for summer flowers and a bit too much sun,   I thought I'd stay in and do some sewing that has been on the shelf for a few months now.
My first project was a dress for one of my girls.. she needs this  in April and it's around the corner.  I got busy!

My project is a simple white 'shirt waist' dress and it took me only about two hours to put together.. it's now hanging on the door jam waiting for a fitting sometime this week.

Then I thought I'd work on a slip cover that has been waiting for me to get to.  I bought a 9' by 12"  "painters canvas" to cover a chair... they are so inexpensive and are made of a heavy cotton and   make great furniture slip covers.  I took it out of the package, popped it in the washer with a cup of bleach and tide... used lots of fabric softener and it came out great. Dried it really well  so it would shrink a bit, then laid it over the chair and pinned and fitted. I was able to sew for about a half hour then the 'Good' sewing machine jammed!   I broke a needle and it fell in the area of the bobbin...
"I think I killed the machine"!

I worked on it for quite sometime and could not fix it..  After pulling out all the screws and bobbin parts, nothing I did would make it work. This machine is computerized  and it talks to me with each step. It would not say... "All better"... boy was I ready to toss it off the balcony!

So I did what any good seamstress  would, (not toss the machine) but bring out "Old reliable".. the machine I have had for years... cheep, and does nothing more than "zig-zag and straight stitch"... The 'good' one went in the closet until I can get it to the shop!

"Reliable and dusty and oh so trusty"

I finished the ottoman and started the chair but as with the dress I almost finished,, this was an "Almost finished day"...

I'll finish this project tomorrow, or the next day.  Time to get dinner started.
Monday night is my night for TV. The rest of the week, I don't watch it.. well, expect for Thursday.  "Big Bang Theory" is on and that is my favorite program.

It's Monday..... Enjoy your week everyone!

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Something Nice and Pretty said...

My mom used to sew for me like that, how I miss those days:)
You sure have been busy, love what you are doing with your chair and the ottoman looks just wonderful!


Granny said...

I hope you can get the machine repaired without it costing too much. I love the drape of the slipcover on the ottoman. You were a busy lady with all your sewing.

Kammy said...

I hope your machine feels better soon ! I hate it when mine goes to the doctor....
Slipcovers are on my list too !

Jami said...

I have so many ALMOST finished projects, too! So glad you went into detail about the drop cloth and how you washed it...using one to make something is on my To Do LIST! Thanks for linking to the first Tuesday To Do party! Hope to see you again next week!

Karen said...

Hi Sandy,
I love the dress you made and can completely sympathize about the needle and the bobbin case thing. I have four sewing machines here (believe it or not) and if one breaks down, there's another one in the wings.

I love Big Bang Theory too, one of my favorite shows!