Saturday finds....

After the awful day I had yesterday,, today I did something to help clear the terror and fear out of me.  I refused to see the TV or Internet News.  There is nothing I can do to help anyone so getting out of the house was best for me.
"Yard Sales"

My daughter is so much stronger than I.  She sounded so calm today and was sorry to have called me at 3am with her terror but I told her I would have been more worried not knowing how they were.  It was a good thing to be on the phone with her throughout the horrible ordeal.
I got up early and hit a "Neighborhood Sale" and they had many homes on each block with such goodies.  I did go with one thing in mind, a "Chandelier" but no luck today.  I did find a few nice items.

  I love little "Tea Pots" and this one was $1.00.  It will take it's place with my ever growing collection.

When I came upon this basket of Fruit, all I wanted were the grapes but the lady said "It's only $2.00, take it all!  Well as you all know, the grapes alone are more than two dollars.  And, I have a pretty nice white basket to boot!  

For weeks now I've wanted a large heavy basket for shoes that we slip on and off at the front door... this one is perfect and only $3.00 I think a can of white spray paint is in order here.

Then the best part of my finds was FREE!   Yes, as I was leaving one sale the lady said.. "Do you want the silk greenery?"  "No, I really don't need any greenery", I said.   "Well, you can have them free".      I took them and once I got the box home I realized they were pretty nice.   Several were long bunches of Ivy.    I'm sure I'll find a home for them somewhere?

I have a few baskets on a book shelf that some of these might work in.

I hope all of you were able to get out in the sunshine today. 
We had a beautiful chilly day and it was so good for me to have something else to think about other than that awful day yesterday.  I am so afraid to turn on the news. My heart can not take the suffering that is going on in Japan right now.  
All I can do is pray for all involved.



Granny said...

I can't bring myself to watch the news either. I think I'm in news overload right now.

I love that little teapot. Baskets are something I always buy if they're a good price. If I can't find a use for them inside I'll plant something in them.

We had a beautiful sunny day today. I'm looking forward to our yard sale season starting.

Tina said...

What great finds! I love the teapot!
We had a beautiful day today..with a little wind. Spent it at the softball field watching my family play in our church league! Great day!