Kitchen Cabinet/Desk

I finally finished my Cabinet-Laptop Desk.

I had this Odd Space, useless space really and thought about 'What to do with it" for several months.  Then the idea came to me one day while in the Doctors office. 
I saw this cabinet.  Funny thing was I was at the OB/Gyn on the table, yes with my feet in the, well, you know the place... took out my camera and snapped a photo.. the Doctor and her assistant both looked at me funny... I had to tell them the story... they laughed!  

My first thought was I needed a pattern of sorts before I could cut the wood. Then took out a roll of Christmas paper and placed it on the floor.

Once I had the pattern cut,  I placed it on the wood, just like a dress pattern and cut it out.

To make my life easier, thinking "How will I get under all this to paint it?"  Once I had all the wood cut to size I primed and put on the first coat of Semi Gloss Paint.

After putting all the pieces together with nails and liquid nails, I then did a quick sanding to smooth.

After thinking of the space to the left I thought "Why not add a little shelf".  More storage or a space for little baskets or cook books?

I know I must have broken "The cardinal rule of carpentry" but I did not have the energy to take away the wall paper and simply painted over it with white.  Who will know except me,,, well, now you do!

It's the perfect spot for the house phone and keys to open the back French Doors.

What is nice about this little desk,  I found a place for my hand bag.  It's not dropped on the table or chair when I come in.
Mr. N said "Can I put my stuff on your desk?"
silly man,,, This desk is mine!

Now to figure out a chair?  The stool in the photo is a bit too high so I thought of cutting down the legs?  There is not a lot of space to put a proper chair and I don't sit at the laptop for any length of time.  I do all my writing and surfing up in my bed at night. So we will see about a chair another time?

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