The world could be falling down around me, but when I step outside my "Fly" greets me and it sends a message, "All will be well".

Just about all my plants are starting to bloom.

This plant has small blue flowers that come out in the early morning.  I have no idea what it is.  I pulled a plant from around a lake here in town.. they grow like weeds, but sure are pretty.

The Dahlias  are coming up in numbers.

This next photo is another plant that I simply don't know the name of .  We have a really nice spot here in Clearwater called the "Sunken Gardens" and this plant was in full bloom one year.  I took a few seed pods and planted them in the yard.. the seeds finally took last year and are now full size plants.  The flowers are like orchids but the flowers don't last very long.. a few hours only.  I need to run out in about an hour to get the open flower.

There, I got the shot two hours later, when the sun came out full.

These are so beautiful and I had to bring one inside.
I'm also happy to say it's an "African Iris". My local nursery today had them.

This is another of 6 flowering plants that I put in this past week.. their annuals and fill the spaces between the perennials.

I just love the blue

The Black Eyed Susan came up from last years seeds scattered in the wind.

All the flowering potted plants are coming back and it's warming my soul.
Todays worry is the Radiation from the Nuclear Power Plants failing in Japan.  My Gina and her family may be down wind.. She told me this morning, "If radiation is detected they will send the military families home".
I'm praying for all the people there!

If any of you want to help.. there is an origization in Sarasota, Florida that sends "Shelter Boxes" for the families with no home and no hope!

I really believe, "Having a roof over your head is the first step to hope"

If you would like to help, this may be the charity that will do more than most.  The people will have a Tent, cooking pots and dishes and drinking water etc.  Read about it on the link.
I believe the Red Cross is involved with this company.  Do your research before giving to any charity.

If I may post a quote from my Niece Mona,
"With all this political chaos..mother nature's anger...nuclear explosions...people dying from both humans and nature...I can't help but say this...God....I love life and everything in it...we don't ask that You change what is written but we ask that You please be kind"

My thoughts on giving to people in great need, 
"One day by the grace of God go I"


I'll be joining



Fishtail Cottage said...

That first plant you mention i believe is a "Spiderwart" - the flower only lasts a few hours from what i have heard - but there are many blooms on the same stem so it seems to continue to bloom. It lasts here (seattle) till mid summer & dies back...It's a beautiful plant! hope that helps - enjoyed looking at your blooms coming through - xoxo

Vintagesouthernlife said...

Your flowers are so pretty! Ours are just starting to come out. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

Love the African Irises.

Lisa x

Granny said...

Your flowers are beautiful. Although all our snow is gone we're a long way from flowers blooming in the yard. I'm ready for spring if it ever decides to get here.

Donnie said...

Lovely flowers and all those in the devastation are in my prayers. Hope your family stays safe.

Linda said...

All of your Spring blooms are quite lovely! We have been having very nice weather here, but it is supposed to rain this weekend...which I look forward to...it's always dry here. My son's girlfriend, Anna's, mother and whole extended family live in Japan...they are in Southern Japan, but we worry so much about them...thanks for thinking about everyone over there...it's been horrible. mY nephew is on the Ronald Reagan helping there as well.

Jami said...

Oh, your flowers are beautiful- all we've got blooming are crocus and daffodils. Just this last week some of the trees are blooming.

Yes, our hearts go out to Japan- every day since you wrote this there is more we hear about their plight. We keep praying...

Thanks for sharing-
An Oregon Cottage