Painting to ease my Worried Mind

There was a tall bar stool in the trash a few months ago and I grabbed it only to put in my store room.  I knew one day I would find a place for it in my home.
Mr. N. is always telling me  "Stop bringing home junk". haha
He is not laughing now! 

This would make the best desk chair!  
It swivels and is perfect, except I needed to make is shorter.

Put on a coat of primer and some "Krylon, Ivy Green  Spray Paint".
Let it dry while we went to lunch.

It's so perfect for my little desk.

A seat cushion that I had made months ago,  and there it is!  I could not have found a better pop of color for the space.

I may have to give the chair one more coat of paint but for now, I'll just sit and look at it. I just love the color. It matches my crochet place mats and a few other accessories I have scattered......

Today, working on the desk chair was therapeutic for me.  I have been really "Worried about my Daughter and her family". They are down wind from all the radiation blowing East in the Pacific... Everyone keeps telling me "Guam is out of danger" but as a mom I just can't help being concerned!  This morning I have called pharmacies and health food stores.. drove to a few and each had the same message, "No Potassium Iodide pills to be found".  Gina asked for me to send some to her.  She can not find any in Guam and wants them on hand for her three little boys "Just in case"?  Right now I have my daughter-in-law up in Michigan, just a 15 minute drive to the Canadian border, searching for me? She did say she would mail them out to Gina, if she found any.  I have to complain though.  
Do you believe how the gouging is happening... so far that $10.00 bottle of pills is now selling for more than $300.00!!  They are on the internet for that price!
I have hope though... some how Gina will get those pills or the wind will stop blowing East..  In the mean time, we just wait for better news to come out from Japan!
My prayers have not eased up for all involved in the Japan Disaster




Darla said...

Oh my that chair turned out adorable! A hedge of protection around your daughter and her Jesus name!

Charlotte said...

Good Luck with your daughter and her family! Love the chair especially the color!

Lisa said...

I hope your daughter and family can stay out of harms way. It's disgusting how people take advantage by bumping prices up at at time like this. Love the chair, and place mats. Such a happy colour.

Lisa x

Jackie said...

I love your swivel chair!

Jingle said...

oh, computer chairs intend to be easily worn out.

your chair looks elegant.
love the greenness.

Victoria said...

Your chair is darling! My hubby would be sweating bullets if I used a saw:)

I hope your daughter is ok! I was telling my husband today while we were watching the news that it makes me really angry to see people here snatching up all those pills when we're not the ones in need! My conscience wouldn't let me take something that others are in need of right now...I hope you find some!

CAS said...

Thank you for following my blog. That, of course, pales in light of the situation with your daughter & family. I will keep them in my prayers & keep positive thoughts. I hope you will keep us posted on the situation.

Darla said...

Re: Silver Sage if you cannot find it and I successfully have off shoots or seeds I'll be happy to share with you. You are more than welcome for the prayer, it's the easiest thing to do and I find the most affective.

Granny said...

I love the chair and the fact that the seat swivels makes it even better. That green is so pretty with your white cabinet.

Gina and her family have been in my prayers since the day of the earthquake.

magsmcc said...

I do hope that your worry will wane soon. Please let those pills become available. I love the green- my V last week was all about vernal green- and it's very appropriate for our St Patrick's day today!!

Pondside said...

I was wondering about the families stationed in the east in places like Guam. I'll add your daughter to my daily prayers and hope that you find the pills. I'd offer to send some but our provincial government has halted the sale of iodine tablets because of panic, here on the coast.

Theresa said...

I love the green chair and wish you the best with your family!

Karen said...

Sandy, my prayers go out to your family and all the people in this crisis. How sad that people are price-gouging now, there's never an end to greed, it seems. I can only imagine how much anxiety you are experiencing at this time and I wish I could send you a hug.

Your chair is SO the color and the way you remodeled it to make it perfect for the space. I can't wait to show Carl.

Judie said...

You did a wonderful job on that chair! I am impressed!
Hopefully the radiation will not drift over to Guam and your family will be safe.

gabe said...

love the chair. . .

I too find things to do to help ease my worry.

Will be praying for your family!

Jenny said...

I love the chair transformation...the cushion just makes it perfect!

I'm so sorry to hear your worries about your family. Will keep them in my prayers.

Thank you for your creative link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "W".

I enjoyed my stop here today.


⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Thinking and praying for your daughter and family.
I heart your chair, the color is yummo! Thanks for joining my color party.

tale of many cities said...

great color choice!