Another Extravaganza !

Hey everyone.  Wanted to let you know "Swagbucks" has another Extravaganza coming up tomorrow!

"Next week will be a can't miss at Swagbucks, as they run not one but TWO big days of codes! 

It all starts on Halloween Monday, with a series of Trick-or-Treat code hunts throughout the day. 
For those of you up North, stuck in the snow, what a great way to pass the day!

Then, on Thursday, it's another Swag Code Extravaganza  
60 Swag Bucks worth of codes being released throughout the day, plus special promotions, announcements and more!

Be sure to go to the Swagbucks Blog at 7am Pacific Time Monday to join in the fun!" 

I'm pushing Swagbucks because I so love this site.  I have bought all my Christmas gifts thanks to the points earned while searching the web using the Swagbucks Tool Bar. 
Really!  and I did not spend one penny!
Love it!

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Granny said...

I have several things to do tomorrow so no doubt will miss out on much of the fun. :(