"Watching the Grass grow"

You know the jokes of "Watching the Grass grow", well that is how I spent my weekend. Peeking out the window watching the grass grow.
Along with my bottle of  "NyQuil"
Oh that stuff is nasty!

I know it's payback because just last week I made a comment to one of my bloggie friends about 
 her post on having to use NyQuil and how gross it really is. 
She sent the bug over to me!
Well, I took the NyQuil because it works for me and knocks me out. Yes for two days I took that nasty stuff while I laid in bed moaning.
Lord, kill me or cure me!

Once nice thing it rained all weekend.  A nice slow constant rain that got my grass seed to sprout after only 4 days.

I walked out this morning very happy to see, the green hue of the grass seed peeking out of the soil.

I did have the option of laying Sod but I thought better of that because this spot does not get full sun.  The packaged grass seed said, "Both Sun and Shade".

While I was out on the front porch, in the three minutes of Sun that peeked out of the sky today, I took a look around to see if anything was damaged by the winds of yesterday.  No the pumpkin was still there, flower pots and chair covers still there.  We are expecting rain again today and tomorrow.
Ok, time to venture back to bed.  
My head is still not right.  Dizzy!
But then my Mom always told me, "I was born dizzy"
"I love you too Mom"


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Granny said...

I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. I only take NyQuil as a last resort. It makes me sick to my stomach and that's worse than what I take it for. lol

Hope you feel better soon.

Pondside said...

Poor you! I hope you beat this nasty bug soon.

Darla said...

Nice to see the grass seeds sprouting. Get back in the bed!

Jann Olson said...

Oh how I hate those nasty head colds. Please don't send that virus my way. Hey, we just put lawn patch around our new brick edged patio. Amazed at how fast it sprouted. Almost filled in totally in less that a month. Hope you get well soon and you'll feel up to doing more than watch the grass grow.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Oh you poor thing. I hope you are feeling better. I had those colds. You must be getting all the rain. We've just had clouds.