Things I should have brought with me to Cyndi's...

Visiting a single adult child is always a good thing for a Mom. 
My girl, Cyndi is a career woman and lives in a cute garden apartment.  She commutes 45 minutes from Palm Beach to Jupiter, Fl  5 days a week.
This week I'm at my daughters to help her out after some surgery.  My intentions are to cook, clean and to help her from doing anything during her recovery... Well after going into her kitchen pantry with the hopes of cooking, baking and just making good meals to help her heal, became a problem.  Each time I went into her closets to take out some of the tools needed to cook, well, the items I needed were not there.  
I'd yell to her in the bedroom, "do you have" only to get the response, "I don't have any"! 
"How do you cook without foil"?  I'd mumble to myself. Can't find the cling wrap, "nope, I don't have any", she said.

I did go to the grocery store the first morning here and bought all the ingredients I would need but thinking my girl would have the 'staples' most of us have.  Was I wrong!
 I wanted to make a pumpkin pie but found she did not have a rolling pin. I did buy some disposable pie tins.

Now, I understand not being a baker but my silly self thought she must have a rolling pin.
Then I asked for flour to make the pizza dough.
Flour, why would I have flour? She said.

Then there was the need to scrape the bowl... nope, no rubber scraper!

Make do with what I can find, that is my motto for the remainder of my visit.
I do realize most single working women do not cook and my daughter is certainly one.  Her career is upper most in her mind and the kitchen is only for holding the wine glasses and frozen dinners in the freezer.  As many times as I've visited her in the past, we did not cook.  We went out to eat mostly... this was a wake up call.  My girl needs to learn a few basic kitchen skills.  Although I did try to teach her during her growing up years, I guess it did not take.  I really didn't  know how much she did not know!  Bad mother?  No, she just has no use for cooking.
The only thing that is on her mind are her children.
This is Tessa.
Cyndi's 3 yr old baby.
Just 2 minutes after I took this photo, I put my foot on her belly, really softly thinking she might enjoy the rubbing motion.. well, she must have been in a daze because she jumped scratching my leg really bad.  (I'll spare you the photo of that!)  My daughter felt so bad and ran around getting the neosporin and bandages.

This is 2 yr old Maya
There are times she looks like an Owl!
Both of her kids are rescued and have such loving spirits.

Although I did not have the tools needed to bake, every one is eating the pumpkin pie with cool whip. and they are working on it without talking... that is a good sign!

Cyndi laughed and asked my sister, her Aunt, if she needed WD-40 because for some reason every time she comes for a visit she needs it for a squeak some where in the house. (squeak's drive my sister nuts and she go's around fixing our doors and windows)
The moral of this post,  "Next time I need to visit my daughter, half my kitchen will go into the trunk of my car".

I'm happy to say, Cyndi's surgery was a success.  It's amazing how a woman, 10 years ago, would be put to bed for a week or two after such surgery,  but Cyndi's hysterectomy was done laproscopic to remove a fibroid the size of a melon that calcified and was not seen in past doctor visits because it was outside the uterus... She has three teeny scars the size of your pinky finger nail in her belly. I'm still trying to figure out how they got it all out with such teeny scars?  Today Cyndi is up dressed and walking around.  We even went to Red  Lobster for lunch today. Then this evening we put on our sneakers and took a walk.  All with her doctors blessings and only orders, to not pick up anything for two weeks!
It's only been 48 hrs! 

I came over,  very nervous for her but her attitude about the whole experience has helped me calm down.  I did spend the one night with her in the hospital, crunched in a large recliner chair, as it was good for me to be close to her.
I would like to thank all who sent good wishes and flowers to Cyndi.  
She is doing wonderful.

I'm joining Jenny Matlocks letter "C"
for "Cyndi"


ellen b said...

Glad Cyndi is doing well. It's amazing what our kids can survive without in their kitchens!!

Shirley said...

I'm glad your daughter is doing well. I loved your little story. That would be my daughter's kitchen too : ))

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

I'm glad Cyndi is doing so well right after surgery. That is amazing.

I had to laugh. I visited my son last month in Austin. He is single and loves to cook. He has every kitchen gadget known to man (or woman). I don't know what half the things are for. He watches all the cooking shows on TV and subscribes to numerous cooking magazines. He cooks a lot on weekends and then has meals for the week.

Has has two kids too...Katie and Mittens. Both were strays that just showed at our door and one at his. He kept both.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

So glad you daughter is doing so well after surgery. I had to laugh at her lack of supplies! Maybe a little kitchen basket full of things for Christmas? I'm sure the pie was delicious.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I'm glad to read that Cyndi's surgery was a success and that she is feeling better. You are a good Mom to help out. My daughter would ahve the same kitchen supllies so your post made me giggle! Fun "C" post!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am so glad your daughter is OK! It is amazing how they can do surgery now. I have two adult daughters, one married with a child and the other a single career gal. Yep they only have a few kitchen tools don't they. Fun post. Hugs, Linda

Jann Olson said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well. Kids these days, just don't know what a good kitchen needs. LOL! I have 4 or 5 rolling pins. Three of them are vintage, but what the heck they still can roll. The cats look like they've enjoyed a slice of pie themselves. Satisfied as all get out.

Darla said...

Funny about the absence of items in Cyndi's daughter is also like that...her husband on the other hand is the cook. Praise report on your daughter's surgery, glad she is up and about!

Anna@Directions Not Included said...

I'm glad that Cyndi is doing so well after surgery. That is really great news. Her kids are adorable!

myorii said...

Glad to hear that Cyndi's surgery went well and that she's already on the mend :)

Your story about your daughter's lack of kitchenware reminds me of when my mom and grandmother flew to Japan to help me out right after I gave birth to my daughter. They were shocked at how little we had and went out that day to buy all sorts of kitchen stuff to cook with. Now I have a kitchen full of pots and pans that I rarely use :)

Maggie said...

Lovely, funny post that only a mother could write!
Glad all is well in Cindy land now.

anitamombanita said...

glad Cyndi is doing better. I'm sure that a pampering visit from Mom helped. I'd look at her kitchen as a huge opportunity to have fun. My daughter's is so well stocked I never get to buy her anything. boohoo and LOL

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am glad she is doing well. My mom has the house I can't find things in. She has downsized so much. Maybe too much!

Sue said...

Glad to hear that your daughter is on the mend. That is always such a relief when our kids are on the other side of a surgery and well into their recovery.

I had to laugh at your description of her kitchen. I do have a rolling pin and tin foil, but my mom complains every time she cooks at my house that I don't have this or that kitchen tool. You two would have much to talk about!


Dreaming said...

Hooray for Cyndi! A girl after my own heart - we even spell our names the same way! I'm not sure I could bounce back from a hysterectomy that quickly... but I'd sure try!
I laughed about the lack of supplies - visiting my son is the same way. He and his girl friend enjoy cooking, but they tend to be very creative in finding alternatives... as it sounded like you did!

Pondside said...

I'm glad your daughter's doing so well! So funny to think of what we miss in our children's kitchens!

Karen S. said...

Such a wonderful story about your darling daughter...and such great kitty cats...and well all your photos....still really adore your header photo too...and such a nice place to stop by with nice easy listening to music as well! Thanks!

Tina´s PicStory said...

sweet cats! greetings from my two :)

Gypsy Heart said...

I could have written this post about my d-i-l's kitchen! :-) She does not bake but I don't have a clue how they function without foil, cling wrap, etc. She's not one to use much in the way of spices either so that's very different. When I used to help my son out when she would be on a business trip, I'd either cook at my house or take the spicy things with me to use. :-)

Now, my son-in-law is a great cook! My daughter's use for a kitchen has always been to decorate and have Pepsi's in the fridge. :-) She has started baking and she seems to enjoy it. Whatever she makes is delish, she just has no interest in really cooking.

Yes, surgeries are totally different than in years past. I have very unpleasant scars. :-( So happy she's doing so well!


Jenny said...

I'm glad to hear she is on the mend! With her Momma taking care of her I suspect she healed even more quickly.

That kind of surgery is really astonishing, isn't it? How do they get things out of those tiny holes?

Sorry about your scratch and your scraping for supplies!

It's will be a wonderful story to share with her later!

Thanks for linking up to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "C".