"Monogrammed Pillow Cases"

I am one of those people who can not sit and do nothing.  It's been a big problem for me over the years. Sitting in a Doctors office or any where, just sitting, without my hands busy  makes me nervous so I have always put a needle work project in my bag, ready to pull out when  I find myself sitting in wait for something to happen.

Daughter number two mentioned, "She would like to have monogrammed pillow cases for her boys".  Well being the mom that I am, I started a new project.  It was perfect to carry to the hospital while daughter number one, was having a bit of surgery.

I picked up three sets of  solid white pillow cases at Khols...  A few years ago I found sheet sets called  "The Big One" in that store and I just love the feel of the smooth cotton.  I also found no matter how many times the sheets were washed they always kept their crisp smooth feel.  
I then took out my washable marking pen and traced the boys initials and got to work with red and blue DMC floss.  Gina wanted no designs of any kind, just their initials.  So I simply made large block letters.

Gina asked for pillow cases of a colored fabric,  thinking the boys would stain white, but look how nice they turned out.
I guess it would not be the right kind of gift to wrap for Christmas... what small boy will open this gift and get excited?  I can see it now... open gift and say,,, "Oh pillow cases".. then toss it aside and move on to the next brightly wrapped package... but, I will wrap them anyway.  
It's a grandma thing.  
The pillow cases will go in the Christmas box as soon as I get back home from Palm Beach.
This past week was all about helping daughter number one and now I'm settled knowing she is doing great and can  go back home and think about Thanksgiving dinner.

It's been raining here for the past few days and I just did not want to drive the interstate in slippery roadways. Tomorrow sister and I will trek back to Tampa Bay.  But first along the way we need to stop in "Old Time Pottery", one of my favorite stores.  I love to buy my kitchen drinking glasses there.  Maybe once a year I make the drive  when my supply gets low...  someone is always breaking a glass.  On a good day you can get the glasses for a quarter.   I also might get a few more Christmas decorations..   if you have never been to that store, find one close by...  I call it a 4 hour store.   It's huge!  


Have a great weekend!


Pondside said...

First of all, I love to read about another Grandmother's Christmas Box. I seem to always have a box on the go - a summer box, a birthday box, a Christmas box. Last year I bought sheets for the boys (for their mum, really!. One set of trains and another of fire engines - I love the idea of monograms!
Safe trip home!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Your pillowcases are looking great! We have and Old Time Pottery. It is a huge store and I always seem to be in a rush when I go.

Gypsy Heart said...

Sandy, those are adorable! I'm sure the boys will enjoy having something personalized, just for them.

I don't believe we have those Old Time Pottery stores in this area. I need new drinking glasses too! We used to have fantastic stores called Garden Ridge, however, they have changed drastically ~ not so fun anymore.

Glad your daughter is doing well!
Safe travels my friend ~