Christmas Table Runner

Of all the Christmas items in my collection,  I don't have a table runner.  I thought it is about time for me to make one.
So, this week I went to my favorite quilt shop and took a walk through the Christmas room to find the perfect fabric for my runner.  There was so much to choose from.  So much I just could not decide.


Around every corner were such nice fabrics.  Hanging from the rafters were display quilts, aprons,  wall hangings and so much more  for the quilters to see how each fabric will look on their finished product. 

 The woman who sits behind the old time cash register has owned this shop for over 30 years and makes all the samples herself.  I'd say hundreds line the walls. Her work is beautiful and no wonder, she has the perfect quilting machines in the back room and you can watch her working  several days a week.

Took me about 45 minutes but I finally found two fabrics that made me happy.  After measuring I started stitching the fabric over light weight batting to give it a bit of texture.

 Then I did a bit of hand quilting, with tiny stitches around each poinsettia petal.
This is where having one of those marvelous quilting machines comes in.  I can dream, can't I ?

I still need to get tassels for the finished ends, but until then it's on my table.   I like how nice it brightens the entire space.

The Holiday Season is such a mood booster for me.  My entire home is looking a lot like Christmas!  I have a habit of wrapping each purchase the moment it comes in the door, so the gifts are laying on most table tops.

 Time to get my tree up!

Tomorrow my sister and I are off to the 
"Red Hat Society Christmas Gala".  
It's my first visit with the ladies and I'm rather excited about a fun afternoon.  Have my "Hat all ready" and my outfit hanging on the door.  I have to laugh at myself.  I went into NY & Co  and bought some really bright and bold (for me) jewelry.  Purple bobbles around my neck and wrist.   Should be a fun day and yes, I'll post some photos soon.  In the mean time here is my hat. I spent some time sewing the ribbon and floral on... Don't laugh!
Am I really going to wear it? 
You bet I am!

Happy weekend everyone!

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dollygk said...

Our favorite quilt shop and cute runner!

Walton Lee said...

Very cute runner. I like it. I am also looking for custom table cloths