I've been collecting "Nutcrackers" for as long as I've been married (31yrs) and this is the first Christmas I've seen them in about 9 years.  We have moved so many times that they ended up in a box marked Xmas and stored with my daughter. Now that she is settled in Palm Beach.  I thought, "It's time to bring them home".

 My first thought was, they were perfect for the mantel.

  I had to laugh at myself.  I went into JoAnn's to pick up a piece of fabric and had to slap my hand.  There were several Nutcrackers that I really loved.  I was good and walked on by.


The origin of the Nutcracker started with 
German author E.T.A. Hoffman in the 19th Century wrote many stories in which dolls played an important roll.

Coppelia is about a mechanical doll that is so life-like that the young men of the village flirt with her. In Tales of Hoffman, there is a wind-up doll that sings until her spring winds down, making her voice fall flat as she finishes her song.

These stories of dolls living human dreams are reminiscent in Hoffman’s most famous character, The Nutcracker, from The Nutcracker and The King of Mice. Presented as a Christmas Gift to the beautiful Clara,  this wooden Nutcracker doll, dressed in soldier’s finery, is quickly crushed by Clara’s jealous brother. Broken, but still loved, he is gently left beneath the families’ Christmas tree, where he comes to life at the stroke of midnight.

The villainous army of the King of Mice come upon The Nutcracker and draw their swords for battle. Reinforced by toy soldiers, The Nutcracker is victorious in the war under the Christmas tree, and finds himself to actually be a Prince, able to take his beloved Clara on a magical journey to his homeland. 


I counted 43 Nutcrackers in the Christmas box.  Each holiday I would buy one or two and a few were gifts  The one with the tennis racket was from my son during his high school years.  The "Snow Bunny" was  from my daughter while she was living in Germany. 
Written on the back of their leg, in sharpie, each has a date and location of where I was living at the time.

I never knew how much I missed them until this past week when I found the box tucked away in Cyndi's closet.

My Nutcrackers are home again.  

The next few photos are some I took while out shopping.. the Nutcrackers  are not traditional but sorta cute?

Drum Roll!
Let me introduce my 2011 Nutcracker!
One I just could not resist buying.

Her little mixing bowl,  well it could not go empty so I mixed in some Sesame seeds and she will grace the kitchen counter for the holidays.

I started putting the decorations on the front of my house and the Icicle lights are pretty bright.   Hopefully I'll get it finished by the weekend.

What special holiday decoration do you collect? 

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Pondside said...

Your nutcracker collection is wonderful! I have a very small collection which has been added-to for many years - each nutcracker is precious. I love your 2011 version!

storybeader said...

they are so cute! Glad you got to take them out. My mom used to take my sister and myself to see the Nutcracker ballet in NYC when we were young. Our Christmas tradition is to get a new special ornament every year for the tree, something I started years ago {:-Deb

anitamombanita said...

Loved the tennis playing nutcracker. What a collection!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

You have a wonderful collection! What beauties!

Karen said...

Sandy, that is just the neatest collection ever! How nice to see them all home again and what wonderful memories! I love your newest addition, too.

I collect miniature horse statues for some reason, I guess it's because I don't really want to care for a real horse any more and the tiny ones just take up less room.

Love this post!

Sue said...

I collect manger scenes, but I have a girlfriend who is crazy about nutcrackers and has bunches of them.


My post today: Divine Nature

Stacia said...

43 nutcrackers, wow! I love that you've kept track of where and when you got them.

Honey at 2805 said...

Your nutcracker collection is wonderful, Sandy. Thank you for showing it off at Potpourri Friday!

Tracy said...

My collection is Willow tree figures , last Year my father gave me the nativity scene and for my birthday on Jan 7th he gave me the three wise men sadly on 14th he died. I left them on the mantle piece until Feb 2nd Candlemass which when decorations used to come down in the church and the candles for the year are blessed in the church. This year I lovingly took each figure out and placed on the mantle piece A neighbour is today makin me a simple stable to stand over them. I blogged about it a couple of weeks ago. Love your NUtcrackjers

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

This is so much fun...what a collection! I have a snowman collection...maybe I will do a post on them. I am a new follower and hope you will come over and follow back!!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

You have a great collection! I love them too and it's funny, but my friend just got a job at Tuesday Morning and she brought me one just a little while ago! It's pretty big. His name is Karl. :)

Robin Lynn said...

Am so glad to have seen your link at Miss Jenny's and am happy you're settled enough to have your nutcrackers come home! Currently ALL my Christmas decor is stateside in storage so, I'm whipping up a few homemade do-dads to put around the home here. I really like your place! Come visit anytime @
Blessings of the season!

Mary-Sweetwater Style said...

I have a great collection of nutcrackers too....they are such fun...they actually are my son's collection...waiting for the day when he wants them in his own home! I buy him a new one every year....great excuse!

Jenny said...

Hi Sandy.

Thank you.

This post reminded me very much of my sister. She collected nutcrackers, too.

When she passed away a few years back my Mom ended up giving them all away. My parents had stored her things after she went into a care facility.

This brought back lovely memories.

And your current purchase? Oh, she made me smile. She reminded me very much of my paternal grandmother in the kitchen. No nonsense and wielding a big rolling pin to keep all interlopers in line!

Thanks for a delightful link to the letter D.


Sue said...

We have a collection of nutcrackers too. Only it is my son who loves having them around during the holiday. We do not own as many as you but our collection is growing.
Thank you for sharing and Happy Holiday to you and yours.

I love listening to the music while visiting. Thanks again