I wanna be a Cowgirl....

Yep, that's me with the Cowboy Hat on.. testing and having such fun trying on all the goodies in Shepplers Western Store.  I remember this store when I lived in San Antonio and they have the most wonderful Western Wear.  


 When I found out Oklahoma City had this store I told my daughter Gina that I had to go there.  My oldest daughter living in Jupiter, Florida would die for something from this store and the search was on for the perfect gift to bring home for Cyndi. (I'd tell you all what I got for her but she reads my blog)
Gina and I tried on boots and the brown pair below were wonderful and would be great looking with jeans for the winter,,,, haha,,, I live in Florida where winter is still shorts and flip flops!

 We walked through isle after isle with the huge selection that would make any Cowgirl (or boys)  mouth water.

 I could not get over the workmanship put into these boots.

 Now, this was my favorite... hmmm, where would I wear them?  I know, on my horse while roping? Or out on my boat while fishing?
Or just looking really sexy.

 Amazing Roses  cut out of leather.

 I want a huge belt buckle to wear with my jeans.

"Yep, I wanna be a Cowgirl" 

Then I remembered I live in Clearwater now.



Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

That's funny, I don't live in Florida...I live right here in the LONE STAR STATE...and I don't dress like that.
But sometimes--- I think about it.
I used to wear the ropers and the jeans--but haven't in years.
The closest I come is wearing my Western Chief rain!


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of walking thru the Harley store, we wanted a bike but couldn't ride them he he Good pictures of the boots, some strange ones there! LOVE you dear

Tami Von Zalez said...

Look at all those BOOTS! I am just starting on a boot craze. Hold me back!

Popped in from the Cowgirl Up blog hop.

Becolorful said...

This is such a fun look and I think you should rock it fabulously. :D Thanks for sharing your sassy post on BeColorful.