Sofa repairs, from it's venture across the Pacific Ocean...

 My daughters household goods and furniture made a 4 thousand mile trip in a crate, on a huge flat bed vessel across the Pacific Ocean and for some reason the packers and movers did not water proof anything! In fact they must have dropped both her crates because when they arrived in the states some two months later both crates were damaged, broken and totally wet.  She lost many pieces of her household goods.
The Sofa was soaked with both rain and sea water. The kids did have the fabric cleaned but it still looks horrible.

 The insurance company will replace all that can not be repaired but their taking so long to get the checks cut so my daughter let the furniture dry and knowing it was not smelly set it all up in the living room.  The tears needed to be fixed because it looked horrible... and mom volunteered to sew the rips the best I could.

 Although the fabric looks as good as Suede it is Micro Fiber on Leather and was not as easy as I thought to repair. The sofa will be replaced by the insurance but as I said, their taking so long to finalize their findings and my kids must keep the damaged items for them to come look at it all one more time.  (don't ask why because I don't have the answer?)

 We picked up some heavy duty sewing thread and a good needle and I tried to to sew the fabric as best I could. Every so often I had to run the needle through a dry piece of soap and that let the needle slide through a bit easier.

 As for the back of the attached pillows, that was another story. They were sewn right into the leather and it was not easy but somehow I did manage to do it but let me tell you I was not happy with the looks of it because I can see the stitching. But.....

 It's sewn and looks so much better than the tear with stuffing sticking out!  Besides, the children in this house kept putting their
feet in the stuffing and the tears kept getting bigger. 
 no, not my grandkids, they would never do that... :)

 Now to figure out how to eliminate all or most of the water stains.  Sea water might just be a chore?  If anyone has any suggestions I'd sure appreciate any and all thoughts you might have!


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Jenny Short said...

That adds up to some mighty sore fingers I think. Hope you had a good thimble. It looks good. xo Jenny

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

good job on making the repairs, MOM!

if you make it look too nice, they won't replace it...good thing you took before and afters of your work.

They are going to miss you when you're gone

Jami said...

What would the world do without moms? Great job on the repairs! Thank you for sharing it at the Tuesday To Do Party!