My early Easter Pie, "Lemon Merangue" to die for.... I'm eating it today!

I'm sure everyone gets a craving and the other day, mine was "Lemon Merangue Pie"
  The need never went away so this morning about 6am I went to the kitchen, made my coffee and started pulling out all the ingredients to make myself one.

 First I want to tell you about my glass cutting board.  I love this thing!  It was something I  picked up at a yard sale about 6 years ago for all of $1.00.  It's been a counter saver and the perfect spot to roll out pie crust.  A few months ago I thought of getting another one in the stores and could not believe the price for one this size.. it was $39.00.  So now I'm on the look out at all yard sales I go to.. so far nothing.
 1 stick of  sweet butter (cold) and 1 1/2 c of flower, 1/4 tsp salt,  three tablespoons icy water into the mixer, on low and pie crust emerges.  Transfer the sticky pie crust mixture to my glass cutting board that has been dusted with flour and roll out, put in pie pan then prick with a fork and bake in a  hot oven (425') for about 12 minutes.   Done! 
You will see I made two small tart crusts, because I know I made much too much of the  lemon mixture.  My neighbor next door will love these little guys.

 Ok, I cheated a bit.  Used Jello-Lemon flavored pudding mix, but I did add 2 tsp fresh lemon juice to give the pudding a bit more tartness.
What do you want?  It's 6am!
 The Jello mix called for 1 c of sugar per box, I used two boxes, but I only added 1/2 cup per.  I could taste the tartness...

 Time to mix the egg whites into smooth Merangue.  
4 egg whites 1/4 c sugar and turn it on high and walk away for about 5 minutes.
 "Tick Tock... Tick Tock"
I have a really bad problem with burning food. 
Anything that needs high heat and only minutes to brown usually ends up burnt so I sat in front of the oven door (literally sat on the floor) while the merangue browned.  I timed it, 4 minutes at 425'f. I know what would have happened if I walked away.  Just ask my family what happens when I try to make toast or garlic bread.


Look at the luschiousness of this pie.  
I took a piece to two of my neighbors.  They are up in the years and just love it when I surprise them with something special.
Besides, if I give most of it away
"I won't eat it it all"

 I did say in my header, "This is my Easter Pie" so I guess that means I can't make another for that special day. But then I'm sure after the Mr. gets his hands on it today I may need to.... maybe?

"Happy Easter"

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Pondside said...

That's just what I'll be doing tomorrow morning - as I've promised to bring Lemon Meringue pies to a dinner. Soooo good!

Maria Long said...

you are the featured recipe for Friday food frenzy
Thanks for linking up last week

Maria Long said...

thanks for linking up to friday food frenzy last week, this is the featured recipe.