What to do with loads of left over yarn....

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After almost a year of knitting and crocheting different projects the knitting basket is loaded with leftovers.  What to do with it all besides donating them is an issue I go through all the time.  This year I thought to use them up by making another afghan.  Not sure who will be the one to get it but it turned out rather large and not bad looking.
I must have had a least 12 different colors and textures but I put them all together in large squares anyway.
Once each square was completed I simply stitched them together.
 I had a full skein of a nice blue for the around design. 
For once I did not run out of a color.

And an added bonus, little crochet flowers to use up some white I know I'd  never use.
Will be a nice sofa throw on a cold winter night.
Might just send it on up to Alaska. I know a couple that might just enjoy it.

Today was rather chilly here in the Tampa Bay area.. my outdoor thermometer is saying 42' at 2:00pm in the afternoon... not normal for us.  My friend in Georgia said this morning, "It's Snowing".. maybe she could use a nice warm afghan? 
Hmmm...?  Who will get the Afghan?

"Stay warm all"


Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

what a nea idea! great way to use leftover yarn!!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

My brother was just in Tampa last week...if you'd have let me know sooner, he could have taken that blanket off your hands and brought it home to me!

I love it,and the flowers make a nice touch too.
You definitely have an eye for design! I like the yellow stripe between rows.
(where it is only chilly here and supposed to 80° on Monday)

Babajeza said...

I love leftover projects too. They are like a gift made of "nothing". Have a nice Sunday. Regula

Rhonda said...

Very nice, I really like scrappy quilts and afghans.

Diann said...

That turned out wonderful! Thank you for sharing at TTF.

Diane said...

Very nice!

The Rusty Heart said...

What a great idea! Very creative!