Crochet Kitchen Dish Towels and Cloths.

I so enjoy crochet. Kitchen dish towels and wash clothes are so useful... my family uses them for a multitude of things, including the hot cups and dishes that come out of the microwave... they are very thirsty little things and I keep many around... Making them takes about 10 minutes.. Use the soft cotton you can find in any craft store.. my favorites are "Michaels and JoAnns".. each skein of cotton is around $1.99, depending on the weekly sales. I usually can get two 'dish clothes from one skein.
For the 'dish cloth' I found the perfect count to 'chain' is 23.
Using a simple 'single crochet' stitch makes it so simple.

I have these little charmers in many colors and shapes and so enjoy using them all around the kitchen. You may also enjoy making larger 'dish towels'.  Search on line for 'crochet dish cloths'. There are so many designs to make but I choose the simple, what I call, back and forth chain; its faster!
You will find this is a great useful craft and it's the kind of craft that is soothing to the soul.

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