The sun came out today here in Clearwater, with the temperature reaching 75'.
Was a wonderful day to check out the damage done to my yard... All the Northerners would laugh but it did reach 27' over a week ago. I'm afraid most of us here lost alot of vegitation in our yards and farms.
The above photo is the "Pony Tail Plant" that has been with me since it was a baby of only 4" tall... I have been treating it like one of my kids for 6 years, with a new pot every November. I'm happy to say, "It survived"!

This lovely sick looking plant is a "Jasmine".. a beautiful perfume came through my kitchen door all winter and summer and alas,, a bit sad looking now. It too survived, and only because it has been in a flower pot for several years. Not the ground.  Notice the leaves.. it's just not something a person would see here in my part of Florida.. our trees don't 'turn' and fall.... I spent the afternoon raking leaves. Something I have not done since Illinois.

The "Spider Plants" as you know are normally a 'hanging plant' in the northern states, but here, I have dozens in my yard.

This past Thursday I had the Lawn Care Guy chop down my banana trees.. how sad, they were my pride and joy... I really did make things like 'banana bread' and yummy desserts with the fruit. I left this one sad tree, with hope of it's recovery...

This one planter is what is left of my 'herb garden'. There were 5, all lush and green, with such plants as "Oregano, Basil, Parsley and Thyme"
Ho Hum!!!!
It may sound silly but my garden was and is very special to me... I love my entire yard, Alligators and all!

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Claudya Martinez said...

Oh, those poor plants. I feel so bad for them. My husband loves to garden and is studying horticulture. I can understand your love of your garden because I live with a garden lover.