Better Homes and Gardens "Pin Board Contest"... hurry!

You heard it right,,, Better Homes and Gardens is having a Pinterest contest.

Create your Better Homes and Gardens Dream Home 

How to Enter

  1. Create a board on Pinterest called “My Better Homes and Gardens Dream Home.”
  2. Pin at least 10 images from onto your board and tell us why it would be a part of your dream home. (Your board can only contain BHG’s images).
  3. Submit the board URL to our editors below. Example URL:
When you enter to win you'll become a member of and get access to exclusive tools, apps and content.

Although I don't want any of you to WIN... "I want that pleasure" I'm just letting you know about this contest... Sounds like fun, Don't you think...
I'm not being paid for this either... It's just  I know all of blogland would love to win  $5000.00 and all you have to do is create your "Dream Home"  Pin Board using BHG's photos...
Just click on the URL above....

 Good Luck to me.... not you!!  

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